You Have to do the Wish – Thoughts on Manifestation

Manifestation is an intentional practice

About 4 months ago, a meme passed through my Facebook feed that was attributed to a 7-year old child:

It’s not enough to make a wish. You have to Do the Wish.

Oof. Right?

The point is germane. You have to Do the Wish.

This is where many people run amok when they work on creating intentions to manifest something they desire. They don’t Do the Wish.

How do you Do the Wish?

It’s not enough to want something and ‘put it out to the Universe’ so that it comes to form and fruition. That may work for people some of the time, but it’s not likely to work all of the time. It’s also true that some have greater success than others at seeing their wishes/wants/needs manifest into form. Why is that? There are some pretty important keys that are essential for manifestation. What are they?

Keys to Manifestation

  • Intention
  • Alignment
  • Clarity
  • Observation
  • Right action
  • Focus
  • Beliefs

When someone is particularly good at manifesting their desires, they’re Doing the Wish. Their energy and actions are aligned with their intention.

A Personal Manifestation Story

I am a resident of Portugal, having immigrated in October of 2021. I rented a furnished apartment sight unseen, in a city and country I had never visited. I didn’t think Coimbra would be my long-term home, but I thought it would be an acceptable landing spot. When I arrived, I knew immediately that I was not at home.

A friend I met invited me to spend time in Porto, the second largest city in Portugal, with a vibrant culture. I was excited to spend a few days touring around. The first evening, my friend took me out to Foz do Douro, a coastal enclave on the outskirts of the city. We sat outside at a lovely seaside bar, watching the sunset over the Atlantic. I was enchanted. We spent an additional 4 days wandering Porto, and I felt very much at home. I set my sights on Porto and specifically, Foz do Douro.

I returned to Coimbra and began searching online for a place to live in Foz. I looked for 2 months and found nothing that met my desired criteria. I wanted: two bedrooms, a fireplace, deck space, a view of the ocean, bright, natural light throughout, pet friendly and within my budget. I viewed listings of apartments that matched the criteria, but beyond my budget. There were others that met none of my criteria except for my budget. I looked daily, finding nothing.

After a while, friends suggested that I surrender some of my criteria. Perhaps give up the ocean view, but live within 3-4 blocks of the ocean. Perhaps let go of the fireplace, too. The dog, bright natural light were non-negotiable. I thought about it, downgraded my search criteria and found nothing.

One day I recognized that I was doing all the right things, but I had no energy, intentionality, focus, clarity or alignment behind my actions. I no longer believed I could have what I wanted.

Doing the Wish

I got to work. I did what I know how to do. I teach a damn course on Manifestation!

I created an aligned intention. I became clear about what I was manifesting. Need I repeat myself? A view of the ocean, two bedrooms, a fireplace, an outdoor deck or terrace, bright light, pet friendly, within my budget in Foz do Douro. Yes, please.

I checked in with myself. What was I believing? Was I truly aligned behind this desire? What energy clearing did I need to do to fully embody my intention? What additional actions did I need to take? I cleared, I believed, I knew I could see this come to pass.

There was one action I needed to take to align with my intention: I gave notice on the apartment where I was living. I realized I had been hedging my bets, unwilling to let go of what I didn’t want to actualize what I did!

Twelve hours later, the apartment where I now live was on my radar screen. I visited it shortly after seeing it online, put in my offer to rent, and three weeks later moved in. Does it match my criteria? Well, let’s see. I have views of the ocean from my living room, dining room, bedroom and office. I have 2 decks overlooking the ocean, and 1 terrace overlooking the street. It has a working fireplace. It’s filled with natural light. It’s pet friendly. It’s within my budget. It’s in Foz do Douro. I even got a bonus – I actually have 3 bedrooms, so my office is separate from my guest bedroom!

Manifestation is an active practice

Learning to apply energy practices, to align conscious awareness with intention and choice is a powerful means of manifesting your reality. My personal manifestation story is one that brings me joy every day. I have this gorgeous home for the next 5 years, possibly longer! I am beyond grateful that I understand how to manifest my intentions.

What are you cultivating and wanting to create in your life and experience?

Would you like to know how to work with energy (and right action) to manifest your intentions?

I’m teaching a live, online course called Conscious Creation. Care to join me to learn how to Do Your Wish?

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