In-bodiment: Home & Hope for the Holidays

Sing it: There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays! Do you watch, hum along to the holiday jingles – and HOPE? Might the holiday go by without a snap, a slap or feeling like crap? Tingling and longing – could we all just get along?  Hoping and humming – could we all just be … Read more

Surfing the Holiday Waves – Avoiding an Energetic Tsunami

A $45, 1-Hour Online Course Tell me! Do you want to surf above the holiday fracas and avoid an Energetic Tsunami? Because don’t look now…the holidays are here! It’s true – we made it past Halloween and now the full onslaught of festivus begins. Looked in any retail store windows lately? You’ll know it’s true! … Read more

Guilt and the Rabbit Hole

Last week a dear friend was sharing a story with me. As she was talking, she said, ‘I don’t know how I went from guilt to the bottom of the rabbit hole, but that’s what I did.’ She continued on with her story, and I attentively listened.  But that phrase stuck with me.       … Read more

Harvesting Healings

Living in Southern Maine, CK is acutely aware that fall is enroute and winter is a tad behind that.  There’s a lot to do to get ready for the quiet and stillness of land at rest.  And the process of putting our teensy little farm to rest for the winter begins now. The summer veggies … Read more

Anxiety – Stopping the Madness, Part 1

Anxiety.  It’s a  7-letter word.  All of us experience it, some more than others. When I ask people to describe their anxiety, I often learn that it feels like a pressurized bubble located somewhere in the range of the neck to the groin.  The pressure and pushing increases, and the breath gets shallow, the butterflies … Read more

Zoe’s Lesson on Karma

Sometimes people ask me about karma and how to know when a karmic lesson is in play. (Sidebar: I chose the word ‘play’ deliberately.  Even karmic lessons can be viewed through a playful lens.  Why does everybody get so damn serious about healing?  Sometimes it’s downright hilarious to see how skillfully we create our experiences … Read more