Using Your Energy for Conscious Activism

Which Chakra Fuels Your Activism? Feeling Outraged? Scared? Disenfranchised? With the change in politics, are you called to act? Check yourself so that your activism is conscious, clear and coherent. I hold myself and my practitioners accountable for being the change. Collapse is not an option. Yet, lashing out is not an option, either. Meeting… [Read More…] about Using Your Energy for Conscious Activism

Somatizing is not Solution-izing

If emotion is repressed, it can’t be resolved! A wildly obvious statement, right? I agree. And wildly profound. Why? Because energy practitioners treat somatized emotions all the time. And so do doctors. Have you ever had a bunch of symptoms arise in your body, gone to the doctor, run a battery of tests — and… [Read More…] about Somatizing is not Solution-izing

Interview: Awakened Consciousness Summit

We’re Talking Awakened Consciousness! I’m thrilled to share my interview with Tracy Roman from a recent summit – The Awakened Consciousness Summit. I was the last of 25 speakers – and we had an enjoyable and powerful interview together. I shared a bit of my personal story – fascinating, compelling – a real show-stopper! More… [Read More…] about Interview: Awakened Consciousness Summit

In-bodiment: Home & Hope for the Holidays

Sing it: There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays! Do you watch, hum along to the holiday jingles – and HOPE? Might the holiday go by without a snap, a slap or feeling like crap? Tingling and longing – could we all just get along?  Hoping and humming – could we all just be… [Read More…] about In-bodiment: Home & Hope for the Holidays