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Solstice Meditation

Celebrating solstice: In honor of the return to the light, the flow of the seasons and the grace of the quiet stillness of winter, please join me in this brief meditation to surrender inner darkness and illuminate inner light.

The Grace of Space

I’ve been taking a little space lately.  In lots of ways.  Space from my school and my practice.  Space from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Space from idle chitchat and meaningless conversation.  Space from socializing. Space. I took some more substantial space this past weekend, choosing to go on a retreat for rest, … Read more

Meditate from the Right…(Brain that is)

Last weekend the students in the latest Energy Awareness training engaged in a lengthy discussion about meditation and mental chatter.  It’s a frequent topic in the classroom, because we’re exploring energy and the exercises are internal and contemplative. We shared some great laughs about meditation becoming the place to figure out the day’s logistics, the … Read more