Triggered? Let’s Clear That

Drop your Stuff like Falling Leaves

Trees shed their leaves without stress or grief. How about you? It’s not uncommon to have triggers and unconscious reactions to people around you. We can work with that…

Personal Queries

  • What keeps you from feeling present and connected to Who You Are?
  • How often do you react to others through an outdated version of you and your backstory?
  • What behaviors, skills, tendencies, themes, patters are mucking up your life and experience?
  • What triggers you?
    • Anxiety?
    • Depression?
    • Guilt?
    • Shame?
    • Perfectionism?
    • Invalidation?
    • Caretaking?
    • Something else?

If you know what patterns, behaviors and triggers you’ve got, but don’t know what to do to effect a change, you’re at their mercy until you figure out how to release them.

So, would you rather live with them or release them?

Announcing Clear: Energy Clearing & Self Care Course

Learn at your own pace.

Download 15 skills and mp3 meditations for Clearing Chakras and Aura Practice. Then apply clearing techniques to free yourself from the stuff you’re carrying around and acting out. Connect with me (Jill Leigh) throughout the course, and I’l support your learning and integration.

*Note: when you purchase the Clear Course and create a login, you’ll be able to login anytime. The course is always live, always available to you. 

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Present of Presence

Present of Presence

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