Jill Leigh and Lobo, her Mexican street dog

The Call for Change Looms Large

When change looms large, it comes with a call. A call for newness, evolution, reclamation, letting go. Inviting what is waiting to emerge is an act of coming home to myself in a new way.


Your Reaction is a Mask

In this post, I share about my anger pattern, and how I’ve used energy work to outgrow it. We’ll talk about what’s hiding behind your reactions and go-to emotions.

Break Bad Habits

Got Persistent Bad Habits? What To Do…

What does choosing chocolate ice cream when you’d rather have vanilla have to do with spiritual bypass? Well, nothing unless you look behind the scenes at the behaviors that are driving the choice you didn’t want to make! When life is all about spirituality, but self-reflection and conscious awareness are absent, spiritual bypass is a given.