What Happens in the Classroom

A recap from EHI’s Path of an Energy Healer Classroom Training

I feel so joyous and fortunate when working in the classroom with people who want to launch a career in energy healing. The recent training in the Boston area was no exception

Since so many people inquire about the classroom training experience, I’ll share the top five things I experienced and observed.

1. Keeping it Clean with Energy Hygiene

The practitioner-students took to the energy-hygiene practices the way a duck takes to water. There’s nothing like first-hand experience of taking on other people’s releases to render proof positive that energy hygiene is critical in any kind of healing/helping practice.

2. Self-Care and Personal Growth

Accountability as a practitioner begins with self-care and walking the talk. The group spoke openly about their personal processes. They discussed how they are evolving using the energy-clearing skills they learned in the CLEAR Course. They viscerally understand that practitioners who are not doing their work attract clients into their practice who won’t do theirs.

3. Breakdowns & Breakthroughs

Breakthroughs are inevitable. Sometimes they occur in the middle of the classroom work. EHI doesn’t cultivate a ‘kumbaya’ environment where lots of personal processing is entangled with the learning process. However, real work happens. And when it does, it’s beautiful to witness the students hold space, grace and compassion for the process. It helps practitioner-students know how to do the same when their clients break down and through.

4. Questions Questions Questions

I’m invigorated by the depth and breadth of thinking that occurs with student practitioners as the layers of learning unfold. Simple questions became more comprehensive as they unpacked the ‘hows’ of healing. We discussed their role, and the essential awareness that practitioners facilitate healing, their clients are the healers. Working with the CLEAR skills in the classroom helped the group internalize how essential these resources are for shifting emotions, behaviors, beliefs, patterns and perspective.

5. Congratulations to EHI’s first Certified Practitioner-Instructor

A deeply satisfying experience for me personally was watching one of my practitioner-instructors lead the classroom with conviction, authority and mastery. Inviting practitioners to lead the Path of an Energy Healer classroom training is a natural progression to expand EHI’s outreach. I’m thrilled to announce that Ellen Donaldson is EHI’s first Certified Practitioner-Instructor.

EHI now offers the Path of an Energy Healer practitioner program twice a year. This means that there’ll be an ongoing stream of committed practitioners emerging into the challenging and inspiring world. These women and men will be:

  • working with the highest ethical standards
  • applying energy hygiene in each client session
  • facilitating healing and evolution with their clients
  • developing the muscle and chops to run their own businesses

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you! An EHI energy healing practitioner!

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