The Healing Spiral

A spiral is an energy pattern

If you had to climb from the first floor to the fifth floor of a building using a spiral staircase, would you stop partway up the stairs and tell yourself that the climb was complete? Nope! You wouldn’t. Why? Because until you climb to the fifth floor, you’re still on the staircase! The view may be more interesting, the anticipation may be building. But you’re still on the stairs! You have not yet arrived.

Our limiting patterns and themes, behaviors and issues are like that, too. They’re not over til they’re over.

The Client Wail

I’m being facetious here, but truly, I’ve heard this plaintive whine a gajillion times!

I thought I was past my anxiety [or perfectionism, or hostility, or invalidation, or…fill in the blank], yet here it is again! When will I figure this out?

Enter the spiral.

Years ago, I sat in a circle of people listening to an indigenous elder sharing wisdom about spiritual practice and healing. Even though I knew she didn’t invent one of the the ideas she was sharing, it registered with me in one of those ‘teachable moments’. I needed to hear what she had to say, and so her words sunk in, they rang true. To paraphrase:

Life is like a spiral. There’s a point on the coil of the spiral where a dominant theme or issue resides. You work your way through that point, and you continue on the spiral, climbing gradually upward as your days unfold. When you reach the same place, one level up on the spiral, the issue presents itself again. It’s not quite the same, there are differences, subtleties, nuances. You work things through again and continue upward on your life’s spiral. Until you reach the same place, one level up, meeting the issue again.

Spirals. Energy and spirals.

Here’s the thing:

Habits don’t break themselves, yet they can be resolved.
Relationships don’t fix themselves, yet they can be evolved!
Stories don’t get untold, yet they can be discharged.
The negative voices in your head don’t cease willingly, yet they can be stilled.

What’s the answer to this riddle?

Awareness and observation.

Explore the nuances and subtleties tu increase your capacity for growth and expansion.

And energy clearing.

Does that mean new tools?

If you don’t have a full suite of energy clearing tools at your disposal, probably.

Combining clearing tools with awareness, observation and exploration straightens out those spirals. Releasing longstanding patterns and behaviors is iterative, it’s not a one and done. It helps a lot to reassure yourself that the reason the issue has returned has nothing to do with failure, it has to do with next level growth and evolution!

Observation, exploration and validation support navigation of the spiraling path for the spiritual seeker. Unravel your spiraling with intention, attention and focus on the patterns that are held in your chakras and aura. It requires a bit of effort, sure. But it’s not hard or laborious. It’s evolutionary, iterative and at some point, eliminates the pattern or behavior. Flow is fluidity, grace and forward motion. What’s not to like about that?

If you want to stop the spiral, there’s an active, straight path to (r)evolution. I’d love to welcome you to CLEAR. It’s never too late to have a happy adulthood!




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