From The Void Into Creative Space

The Void is an Adventure

Transitioning from the Void and the Unknown to Creative Space is an interesting adventure, and is often marked by the fear of entry (into the Void), the letting go (purposeful containment within the Void) and then the exodus (into Creative Space).

To be sure, The Void can be avoided.  But not without cost.  Standing on the precipice of enormous evolution, the self knows that to make the shift to become more fully authentic, aware, grounded, present – a die-off must occur.  And that’s intimidating.  [Tweet “The cost of avoiding the Void is the shift — of becoming more authentic and present.”]  The lost opportunity of authenticity is a price that is usually too high to pay.

Few leap fearlessly into the Void.  It is a profound emptiness demanding ongoing emptying.  It requires stillness, sitting in the ambiguity of not yet, not time, not now.  It requires patience, not yet, not time, not now; and it requires surrender, not yet, not time, not now.

The unraveling, the shedding, the unwinding, the unplugging, the raw revelation of the masks, facades, mechanisms and defenses that must fall away, rendering nakedness, vulnerability, unshielded and tender.



Excruciating, yes.  Essential, yes.

And when the naked self prevails over the masks, facades and defenses, a peace descends.  It’s all right being there.  The Void simply is.  There’s nothing to fight or form.  There’s nothing to do or not do.  There’s simply nothingness, and it’s all right.

There’s lots of talk about the Void in metaphysical circles.  The Void is a known phenomena to many who have found themselves seeking, leaving behind, desiring newness and emergence.

You Can’t Plan & Pack for a Trip to the Void

There’s no formula, there’s no rulebook, so it’s impossible to plan the roadtrip to the Void.  It’s more likely initiated through a crisis of some sort.  An explosion of one’s normal operating practices – a job or business implodes, a relationship expires, a health crisis.  The rug is pulled out from under and the Void is what lies beneath.

Often there’s a period of negotiation, flailing, attempts to climb up and out.  The call to stillness is resisted, fought against.  A period of doing that at some point melts into the shedding and unwinding, letting go, the surrender.


This place of surrender is a ripening place.  There’s an unformed fertility, a quickening that occurs in the heart and the mind.  While impossible to pinpoint or plan, a moment arrives when the releasing is completed, the emptiness has been fully embraced, and the need to know what comes next seems irrelevant and trivial.

As this corner is turned, there is an internal transition that signals a shift underway.  There’s a sense of the seeds that are planted, stretching toward the light.  And yet in this place, nothing actually grows except potentiality.  Unformed, faceless, amorphous yet in the room, present and scintillating.  This potentiality grows until at last there’s a phenomenal tipping point and once again, the internal awareness shifts.

From Void to Space

A realization that what was once the Void, is now Creative Space.  Anticipatory, curiosity, leaning in to the emerging form of the new beginning, the dawning of the morphed, evolved, whole self.

In this field of Creative Space enter glimmering new ideas, creativity flourishes as the naked self forms a new set of gossamer clothing.  A way of being in the world, in community, in right livelihood and relationship (within self and with others) begins to emerge.  Through clues and beckoning, insights and hypotheses, fantasy and storytelling the fabric of self is cut, patterned and sewn into a life that truly fits with resources, opportunities and relationships that invite full expression of the newly morphed self.


As this essential self mainstreams into life again, the Void recedes, the stillness falls away and the Creative Space shimmers in its affirmation and validation of the completed process.

The journey completed, the roadmap forgotten, the savvy veteran no longer fears the Void.  Rather it is a journey and process that is held in the heart as a profound season of transformation and evolution.  A gift from the evolving self to the emerging self.

Have you ever moved through the Void into creative space? How would you describe your experience?

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    • Hi Diane, it’s interesting how the shifting out of the void rights the ship. I’m so glad you’ve had this experience and know how beautiful life is, in spite of the stillness and non-action of the void.


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