Watch the Demonstration: Clearing the Etheric Aura

When there’s an illness or disease, the body’s wisdom can be harnessed…clear the Etheric aura!

What I love about working with the Etheric aura is the harnessing, inviting, leveraging of the body’s wisdom. The aura will let go of the Etheric sludge, the spent energy that it would eventually release without your facilitation. It will not pull energy from places that are not prepared to release or let go. There’s nothing forced about working in the Etheric aura.

It’s far easier with the Etheric energy system to inflict a healing. In other words, a chakra may benefit from being left alone, rather than cleared and infused. Yet the Etheric aura will release nearly endlessly, without creating an unintended consequence in the Etheric chakras.

When I work on a client with a physical illness, disease or syndrome, I’m more inclined to work in the aura than I am in the chakras, because of the Hippocratic Oath — first do no harm.

Details to observe

As you view the illustration below, please note:

  • the hand that is releasing energy from the Etheric aura does not lift up and away from the body. It moves down and away, directly over the grounding cord in the treatment space.
  • if the releasing hand is lifted up and away, then down, the energy is released back into the Etheric body. Once you’ve lifted your hand up above the Etheric field (3/4″ or so will take you out of the field), you’re in the Astral body.
  • the releasing hand does not cross between the client’s body and my body; I’m avoiding inadvertently picking up the Etheric release.
  • the gathering hand continues to draw Etheric sludge as the release occurs so that the process is efficient and doesn’t need to be restarted after every release.
  • the work is done on the thigh because your hands will be unable to consistently avoid brushing the client’s body. The thigh is a place where there’s not a lot of concern should you inadvertently touch the client.

Next steps:

Watch the Demonstration video, download the pdf files for your reference library, and then proceed to the final lesson in the series, Infusing the Etheric Aura.