When the Going Gets Tough…the Tough Get Flowing

This past weekend, EHI’s participants at the Energy Awareness Healing training practiced using the Clairvoyance System to view energy in one another’s fields.  At one point a discussion ensued about the third chakra of one of the participants.  It was viewed as oval rather than round, and moving slowly, perhaps even sluggishly.  There was vibrancy (color, scintillation) in the chakra, yet its shape was awkward and its flow suggested depletion.

Have you ever noticed what happens to your body (and your energy) when you’re up against a rough patch in your life?  Everything tightens up – for me – my left hip gets so tight that I have trouble adjusting from a sitting to a standing position.  Others report the tightness in neck, shoulders, pain in their joints, their heads, their hands or feet.

What happens?  We’re hunkering down, bracing ourselves, galvanizing, weathering the storm, bucking up, hanging on, holding on.  Any of that language sound anything other than contracting?

The participant with the reduced vitality in the third chakra has been through a tough time.  Not completely out the other side (though definitely enroute!), the individual has experienced a decline in energy, and has used phrases like ‘dragging myself through the day,’ ‘hanging on,’ and ‘hunkered down.’

Now the good news for this participant is that in the past few months the due diligence applied to energetic self-care has paid off.  Believe it or not, when I first met this person, the third chakra looked far worse!  The oval shape was actually progress.  The vibrancy – relatively new.  The slow rotation of the chakra – an improvement from the way it looked earlier in the year.  While this participant could have felt concern about the perceived depletion, that didn’t hapen.  The individual clearly stated the difference in experience of life, emotions and joie de vivre now that energy work was part of the mix.  And while recognizing that the depleted sense was not fully resolved…the trend was in a positive direction.

While there is a real need in difficult times to hold oneself together and see things through, it would be far better to do what this individual has done.  We all need to embody and internalize the idea that when the going gets tough, the tough get flowing.

The irony is, when things are difficult, stormy, troubling, irksome or otherwise less than happy go lucky and carefree, we’re organically made to open up, to release, to let go.  But we’re taught to knuckle down and hang on tight.

What can we do to let go?

  • Open the feet chakras – 60% open will allow energy to shed organically and will allow emotional energy to release instead of pool and bog down in the chakras and electromagnetic field.
  • Own the emotions – rather than suppressing, bucking up and dealing, try owning and feeling.  In avoiding our emotions, we accentuate them and they take on a larger life within us and become more debilitating.  In owning the emotions, we liberate them and we right-size them and we organically release them.  When they’re felt, they’re dealt (with). They don’t overwhelm us, and they don’t become a giant miasmic beast that we then must wrestle.
  • Have a psychic conversation – no holds barred – with the individual(s) who are involved in the distress we feel.  A psychic conversation is done quietly, meditatively.  You conjure up the essence of ‘other’ and imagine sitting across from the person(s) you’re conjuring.  And then – go for it!  Say what needs to be said, no editing, no refining, no prettying it up.  GET IT OUT, PEOPLE!  Imagine the other person(s) listening intently, taking it in, owning their parts.  And then, as you come to completion with the no holds barred part, Own Your Part, too.  Yes, it truly does take two to tango.
    Yes, really. It takes TWO to Tango!
  • Move your body.  Shake it, dance it, run it, prance it, stretch it, swim it…whatever – just move it.  Not to excess, not as the only way of managing stress and releasing energy, as part of the overall practice of self-care.
  • Eat something nourishing and life affirming.  Ain’t nothing like a little kale to make the world feel like a benevolent place.  Sauteed with a little garlic, onion and carrot, some vegetable stock, herbs and lemon.  Yes, please!  (The next day when it’s time for your morning constitutional, you’ll see why kale is a great choice to help move energy.  One of the naturopaths I know calls it a colon scrubber!)

Life’s pretty interesting these days.  A lot going on planetarily, politically, socially, economically and personally.  We’re living in very interesting times.

If we can learn to let go, to feel and let flow, to say what’s so, have our bodies remember to go, to eat well and slow, we can navigate our lives and our experience of these interesting times without pain, restriction and contraction.

Have a great week and keep your energy flowing!

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