What a beautiful word.

It evokes the promise of completion, evolution, new beginnings. Living into a new state of wholeness.
Whole-ing also speaks to process; the journey, the ride.

I love Whole-ing.
CK’s Webster’s:
Whole-ing. Verb: A conscious individual’s ongoing creation of experiences cultivating growth, learning, healing. Through Whole-ing, causal energy is articulated, acknowledged and released, generating a continuous state of evolutionary flow.
The cyclical journey of Whole-ing
The cyclical journey of Whole-ing
Courageous work.  Initiated by the Inner Wild. That part within that relentlessly stalks Whole-ing. He or she knows that there’s more to you than who you are now.  And seeks your Becoming.
When Whole-ing the Inner Wild’s is informed by the energy field.  It serves as the blueprint, the foundation.  From which experience flows.
The outcome of Whole-ing is growth, evolution and assimilation.  You create through your intention, attention and energy, manifesting your growth-laden experiences.  The experiences generate lessons, insights, healings and gleanings.  Contributing to your Whole-ing.
Whole-ing involves the All of You. You can’t be Whole without your Allness, right?
Spiritually, energetically, All of You is the microcosm of the macrocosm.  The Macrocosm, the Universe is All That Is.  You are subsumed into that All-ness.
Thus, your potentiality is grounded in that All-ness.  All That Is lives within All of You[Click to Tweet]
If you’re conscious, awake, present and you’re learning, growing and clearing, you’re Whole-ing.
(Ever notice that the word compassion contains the word compass? Perhaps that’s a guiding principle for Whole-ing – through the prompting of your Inner Wild?)
Perhaps this week, you’ll pay attention, notice the promptings of your Inner Wild and its insistence on raising what needs raising to move you forward, through, beyond your current sense of self.  May your Whole-ing journey be undertaken with compassion as your guiding principle.
And keep your vital energy flowing!

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