Why Energy Healing Certification is important

Rigorous energy healing certification – for client care

I’m going to be honest. When I first began teaching energy healing to practitioners, I made it optional. There were a few people who felt it was important, and so they pursued certification. And in general, they were more effective practitioners than their peers who opted out of the process.

Along the way, I began to feel a greater need to ensure consistency and quality in the ‘product’ I was turning out at EHI. I wasn’t turning out widgets, this wasn’t an assembly line. I was turning out practitioners who would head from the classroom into their communities to share this work with their clients! Can you see why I felt the need to tighten things up?

Energy healing certification instills confidence

When a practitioner has completed the assignments and practicum that make up the certification requirements at EHI, they have accomplished a significant body of work. Over the course of the two essential training levels – Evolving the Astral Body: The heart of the why, and Evolving the Etheric body: Supporting physical healing, practitioners will complete more than 100 hours of hands-on and remote healing work that they document and submit for review and feedback by the instructor team. They also submit 3-hours of videotaped sessions for review, and they spend several hours in 1:1 meetings to review their assignments and practicum feedback. Read more about EHI’s certification requirements for the three practitioner programs.

We have eyes on their work, and we can spot minor and occasional major issues that impact the quality of a practitioner’s work. We can also help expand and deepen the way a practitioner approaches a client intake, develops a treatment strategy, or how they share skills and knowledge for a client to apply for self-healing.

When a practitioner has this level of commitment and feedback from their instructors, they’re confident that they know their stuff and are ready to bring the work to their client practice. And we feel confident, too.

Energy healing certification ensures that the work is legit – without woo and unicorns!

We talk about this a lot at EHI. We’re not for everyone. Lots of people get off on the glitter, the woo and the magical thinking. We’re not about that here. If you want grounded, practical, actionable skills and practices, EHI is for you. The energy healing certification that we have put in place ensures that each practitioner is anchoring into the work, that they’re practicing appropriately, know the right side of the line to stand on with their clients, avoiding energetic merging, ‘sensing into’ their client’s field, and interpreting energy through their own filters and stuff. We teach practitioners to weed all that out of their practice, so that they’re delivering what they’ve learned – the work without the woo!

You can learn and practice energy healing and never get certified. Not at EHI, but the opportunity is certainly out there.

But know this, there is a movement underway to create ethical and certification level standards for energy healing. It’s been a long time coming, and it’s likely to occur within a couple of years. There are legal challenges being fought and won to ensure that energy healing is its own field, and that standards apply to the field and industry to ensure

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