Achieving Autonomy & Sovereignty – Part 4

Energy Healing & Trauma Recovery — Part 4

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What a joyous thing to watch a client anchor into autonomy and sovereignty. It’s such an empowering stage of healing and evolution. No longer living through the trauma story and the triggers, patterns and behaviors rapidly receding as evolved relationships, experiences, insights and awareness become the norm. The client has the clear understanding that there is a beautiful life beyond the trauma — not just existing, or a modicum of relief.

The therapeutic work has helped the client to identify the story, process the emotional pain, rage and grief, to understand that the shame and guilt are not the client’s to carry. The client starts to open to new possibilities. It’s conceivable that relationships that held remnants of the original perpetrators, or explored similar themes of victimization and invalidation have been exposed to the light, and perhaps have run their course, or are in the process of being called to shift.

Patterns clear and autonomy emerges

The energy clearing work has helped dissipate the patterns, decrease the volatile emotions and behaviors. It has helped create the opportunity for responding to life experiences through present moment awareness rather than triggered activation. The client is embodied, clear about boundaries and choices, and knows that even when things feel a bit shaky or circumstances are rocky, the answers lie in presence, autonomy and sovereignty.

The client expands, discovering authenticity, eschewing drama, story, people and patterns that once defined experience. It’s heady, thrilling and a sign that emancipation from therapeutic process may be at hand. One of the enormous prizes of this stage of autonomy and sovereignty is the client’s growing awareness of the agency and empowerment to create his or her life.

From victimization to autonomy

When trauma occurs, victimization does as well. Trauma invalidates and even extinguishes sovereignty, autonomy and any perception that there is capacity to control life and experience. As a little child, this is largely true. If a parent or sibling is generating traumatic experiences unchecked, the young child may have no ability to rise up, take control and put a stop to the behaviors or actions that are causing harm.

As an adult, once the therapeutic process is underway and internal and external safety is realized, the pendulum can swing from no control or capacity to effect change to agency and sovereignty. The client can make choices that validate her awareness and healing, generate self-love and self-respect, and continue to put distance between the reactive emotions and behaviors that convey a lack of control and the sense of being deeply triggered.

The ongoing value of energy healing

Energy healing continues as a mainstay treatment as the client begins to achieve autonomy. While the pendulum clearly swings from reactive and triggered to grounded and present, it takes a while for the new behaviors and awareness to be embedded in the client’s psyche and the trauma to fully recede. As the treatments progress, it becomes apparent that the tides are turning, that the backlog of emotion is receding. Less time is required on individual energy centers to restore balance and equilibrium. There’s less obstructed, constricted energy in the energy field requiring release and smoothing.

Yet the clearing continues to be purposeful. The movement to autonomy and sovereignty may begin a bit tenuously. Yet, as the client dedicates conscious awareness to new behaviors and responding in current time, rather than operating off of triggered memories and old emotions, energies and thoughtforms, she strengthens her evolutionary muscles, creating sustainable change.

In addition, healing and recovery is not necessarily a smooth path and trajectory. Unexpected experiences and interactions can uncover emotional and energetic land mines that temporarily derail or suspend progress. These incidents are particularly fruitful for clients to bring to an energy healing session. The energetic charge associated with the experience is a bookmark for similar energies that still resonate in the energy field. The energy of the incident along with the residual energies can be cleared so that neutrality is achieved, leading of course, to increased autonomy and sovereignty.

The patterns and behaviors supercede the story

Interestingly, with energy, the story need not be explored in detail. Rather, the practitioner can coach the client to minimize sharing the details of the story and simply describe the emotions and behaviors. This is useful because it keeps the story from overtaking awareness and retraumatizing the client. Equally significantly, the energy to be cleared is not held in the story, it’s associated with the behaviors and the emotions.

This phase of trauma healing and recovery is about norming with new behaviors, awareness and inner connection to authentic self and personal truth. It’s generally an inspiring and stimulating time for the client as she comes up the curve and anchors into her evolved life.

The energy healing work plays a significant role that may have less fireworks associated with the inner shifting. In other words, the insights and aha’s that come from therapeutic process have lots of flash and substance. And they should, that’s appropriate.

Energy healing is much more like vacuuming and dusting. The result is quietly appreciated, noticed but not the focal point of presence in the room. All the glory goes to the client for opening to and receiving both the insights and the aha’s, and the evolved energies to support new behaviors and embodied responses.

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