What attracts new clients?

A Lead Magnet

Time and again I consult with practitioners who want to grow their practice, but lack a viable, valuable lead magnet on their website to entice new visitors to join their list. When there’s an appealing offer to learn more about you, you have a much better chance of building your list, and creating a relationship with people who may eventually become your clients.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a free resource or special offer that you provide to people in exchange for their email. It’s a means of generating a fair exchange – your email for my free resource. Equally importantly, it’s a way of showcasing your expertise, offering something that potential clients can benefit from trying and applying in their lives.

What are some examples of a Lead Magnet?

I’ll share a few examples of lead magnets that EHI practitioners have created:

Ellen Donaldson, EHI’s Operations Manager and the founder of Starleaf Wellness offers an Energy Regulation Protocol that she teaches her clients to apply when they work with her to recover from chronic illness. She also has several downloadable resources for potential clients to access offering gut cleansing and detox strategies.

Victoria Leilani of Energy Embodiment offers a guided meditation with accompanying pdf resources to support embodiment and energetic alignment. These resources are used regularly by her clients who join her client practice.

Sarah Bernauer from Radiance Revealed offers a guided meditation for grounding and self-containment. Again, this protocol is a powerful resource that she shares with clients as they navigate their healing and evolution.

EHI offers a free, 1-hour online course that provides two foundational practices for balancing and aligning the chakras and grounding into the Earth. These two practices shift how people experience themselves as they interact with others and engage in their lives. We repeatedly get amazing feedback on the course, and it helps us build relationships with people interested in self-healing and prospective practitioners. It’s a huge win for everyone!

What is the right Lead Magnet to offer your subscribers?

There’s no one right answer to this question. But there’s some suggestions to consider:

  • Remember that you’re giving your potential clients something of value to them that showcases the calibre of the work that you offer.
  • This offer is a doorway into your business, you want it to shine with its professionalism and impact.
  • Choose something that has demonstrated results with your clients. You want to offer a protocol, meditation, tool or resource that people already appreciate and find valuable and supportive.
  • What do you speak to repeatedly with new clients? That’s a potentially great lead magnet! For example, the two skills that EHI offers to new subscribers are prerequisites for every other course and program we offer. It’s great for learners to receive the skills for free, and it’s great for EHI to be able to cover off these preliminary skills with a high quality deliverable that showcases our capabilities.

What else is important about creating a Lead Magnet?

Quality, simplicity, branding and clarity and an invitation.

Quality – take your time, create something that represents you, your practice and the calibre of what you have to offer your clients. Have it vetted before you make it available to prospective clients – not by a friend, but by multiple colleagues, or a professional editor, or if you can, engage a consultant like me to support you in creating a powerful, effective lead magnet.

Simplicity – keep it simple. You know a lot about what you do. Your Lead Magnet is where you lead with basic concepts, building a story or scenario for what you’re sharing, why it’s important and how your potential clients will benefit from applying the tool, practice or resource.

Clarity – Avoid jargon, technical terms. Dazzle with the value that you offer, not the stuff you know! In other words, position every ounce of the Lead Magnet as a resource to support your clients. It’s marketing! Clarity counts.

Branding – beyond your logo and colors, your brand is a promise you keep with your customers. If your Lead Magnet represents who you are, what you offer, and what you deliver, wrapped up in the images that position your brand, you’ve got a win.

Invitation – your Lead Magnet is an invitation to the next step – joining your practice, taking your course, participating in your MasterMind, signing up for your retreat. No need to hard sell your invitation, rather, create the offer to go to the next step. Perhaps it’s a live call with you, a coupon code for a discount, a webinar. Whatever the next step, include it before you conclude your Lead Magnet.

How can I help?

If you’re ready to grow your list and want to create or refresh your Lead Magnet, I’m happy to support your process. You can get a taste of EHI’s consulting approach, and do a short-term project with me as a trial run for how I can help you grow your practice and business model.

Let’s connect!

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