A Formula for Evolution

How to evolve your habits and behaviors

Over the years I’ve gained a solid understanding of how to create lasting change through energy healing. My experience derives from countless hours I’ve spent both with clients and doing my own personal work.

Truth be told, there’s actual work involved. Receiving a treatment from your favorite energy healer is great. But even if you see your energy healer once a week for an hour, what happens with the rest of the hours of your week?

If you’re not actively addressing the emotions, patterns and issues that generated your appointment, you diminish your potential for significant, lasting change.

Introducing EHI’s Formula for Evolution

Here’s a model I use with my practitioner-students. The point of it being: to move the needle on issues so you’re evolving them, rather than continually repeating them.

formula for evolution - energy healing


Observation is an act of consciousness. By observing a behavior, we can discern its effectiveness.

For example, in some circumstances, yelling may be effective. It’s a good idea to yell a warning to someone about to step in front of a moving car. In other cases, like a family meeting, yelling may not be an effective choice for conveying a message.

“Observe” means that you cultivate your observer-self (or self observer). The more you practice, the more you become aware of the effect of your behaviors and reactions. When you observe, you can own. And ownership is key to healing and evolution.


To make a significant (or minor) change, it’s essential to acknowledge what you’ve observed so that you can evolve. Notice the word acknowledge, not judgment, blame or shame.

Here’s an example of an acknowledging statement: ‘I tend to feel a lot of anxiety on a daily basis. I’m ready to approach my experiences with greater equilibrium.’


Behaviors are habituated. Relationship patterns are entrenched. By cultivating your observer-self, and acknowledging your readiness to evolve, you give your consciousness permission to notice when the behavior is active. The observer-self pings, acknowledging that the behavior is occurring.

And then, it’s time to stop. Even mid-stream is great — just stop! Stop the behavior, reaction or interaction that hasn’t been working for you.


Once you stop the behavior, it’s time to choose. Choose a different response, reaction or way of interacting. If you’re anxious, choose to breathe and center. If you’re yelling, choose to whisper. Hostile? Choose neutrality. Make a choice. Make a choice!


Energy clearing releases old patterns, behaviors and emotions. When you are working with an entrenched habit, a regular clearing practice is essential. Energy clearing is iterative. It’s a great unwinding and shedding of the energy behind the behavior. Once you know you’d like to behave differently, you need to clear out the energy that drives that behavior in order to fully effect change. Otherwise, if the energy behind the issue is still there, it will keep triggering the same reaction in you over and over again.


Be sure to run energy, set and align your chakras, establish auric boundaries and ground [if you are unfamiliar with those essential energy skills, you can learn them here]. After clearing energy, it’s important to reset the energy field for Who You Are now. It drives a stake in the ground that helps you organize around new behaviors, patterns, choices and responses.


Then off you go, back into your day, your life, with your trusty observer-self as a witness to your evolution.

Start Right Now

Make this real for yourself. In the comments below, share a behavior you are evolving and write an acknowledgement statement for yourself. ‘I’ve observed that I tend to [insert feeling/behavior/reaction]. I’m ready to approach my experiences with [insert new choice / way of being].’

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