Got Keys for Consciously Manifesting?

Consciously manifesting is achieved with these seven keys

Last week I wrote about ‘Doing the Wish’, the brilliant meme attributed to a 7-year old child. I referenced some essential keys for manifesting consciously.

These keys are:

  • Intention
  • Alignment
  • Clarity
  • Observation
  • Right action
  • Focus
  • Beliefs

Exploring these keys and finding ways to apply them to your manifestation practice — yes, it’s a practice…it’s not usually effortless — supports maintaining your conscious connection to what you want to create and actualize. Here’s some thoughts about and suggestions for leveraging these 7 keys.


A concise, coherent intention helps you define and anchor into what you are consciously manifesting. Your intention can be broad, open to serendipity and flow, such as, the desire to move to Colorado because of its climate or recreational opportunities. Where you end up living and working in Colorado is an open question, emerging from your research and actions. Or, perhaps you’re set on something absolutely clear-cut, like a senior videographer job at Company A, B or C. In either case, an intention to hold and crystallize your awareness is a powerful energetic key.

Suggestion: write, journal, draw, visualize as much as you want and need to help you define and concretize what you’d like to create. Then write a short, concise I Am statement that encapsulates the scope and energy of what you’re seeking.

In the first example above, your intention could be: I am living in Colorado and enjoying skiing, hiking and camping. In the second: I am a successful senior videographer at company A, B or C.

Hint: The I Am is an essential aspect of the manifestation process, claim it now. You’re not a donkey walking toward a carrot on a stick, you’re consciously manifesting by owning it right now!


Whatever you are consciously manifesting, align with your intention. When you are aligned with your intention, you direct your energy toward its manifestation. Alignment also helps you assess your intention. If you find it impossible to align with your intention, you may need to rethink what you want to manifest.

Suggestion: as you reflect on your intention, ask yourself, can I line up with this idea consistently? Am I prepared to do what it takes to bring this intention into reality and form? As you acknowledge that you can actively align with your intention, you call it into being with your coherent actions. 


If the core of your intention is clear, you’ll know what actions to take, how to resist distractions. A trip to Wyoming might be a fabulous opportunity if you can tie it in with a scouting trip to Colorado. It’s a distraction if it uses funds you would have allocated to relocation. An interview with a VP who once worked for one of your targeted companies could be an important stepping stone, or it could be a deterrent if you don’t like what s/he has to say.

Suggestion: assess everything that comes your way to ensure clarity and alignment with your intention and desired outcome.


‘According to cognitive neuroscientists, we are conscious of only about 5 percent of our cognitive activity, so most of our decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior depends on the 95 percent of brain activity that goes beyond our conscious awareness.’ Source:

Observation brings what is unconscious to conscious awareness! You might find yourself negating the possibility of having/creating what you want. These thoughts can pass through your mind without even being noticed! Yet they have the power to derail, to limit actualization.

Suggestion: cultivate your ability to observe. Make it a point to notice your thoughts and hear what you say to yourself and others. You have the power to change your mind!

Right Action

This is ‘doing the wish’. Taking concrete steps to move toward what you are consciously manifesting is essential. Right action is also correcting unconscious, derailing thoughts. It is keeping your eye on the prize, it is harnessing your observer and attending to your thoughts and actions.

Suggestion: one of my favorite manifestation strategies is to ask myself, ‘what’s the next right thing to do to manifest my idea?’ I do that next right thing. And then…I ask again. Repeat, repeat, repeat.


If something you want to create is important to you, make it a focal point in your awareness. It’s not that you think of nothing else, it’s that you are consistently aligned with and cognizant of what you are consciously manifesting.

Suggestion: If you repeatedly lose focus, pause and assess your intention. Is this what you really want? Do you need to increase your alignment and place more focus on right action? Honing your focus actualizes your beautiful idea.


Your beliefs are at the core of everything you create…or don’t create. What do you believe about your intention? Do you see it as fully and wholly attainable? Have you attached a qualifier to your intention, usually preceded by the word ‘but’? It’s a long shot, but I’d like to be a Sr. Videographer at Company A, B or C. I’d like to move to Colorado, but I may not be able to pull it off.

Suggestion: Believe in manifesting your ideas. Believe in setting attainable goals. Do the work to uncover your beliefs and to shift them when they are out of alignment with your intention.

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