Intention, Attention: Energy

You know, I’m beginning to think I’m writing a Manifestation Manifesto with this series of posts. First there was Intention: Attention, then there was Attention: Intention. Now we’re focusing on the glue that brings it all together. Energy.

Energy is currency – the currency of manifest experience. To create, manifest, make real, energy is an essential ingredient!

What does that mean for you? Frankly, everything.

Take a minute. Close your eyes. Relax. Put your feet on the floor. Breathe slowly, mindfully.

Now think about something you’d like to create in your life – more money, meaningful work, relationships, a garden.

Ease in to the desired creation, as if it already exists. How does your garden, relationship, work, financial ease feel as you imagine it being true for you right now?

What do you notice in your body, mind, emotions as you sense in to your creation? Fizzies in the belly? Calm and clarity descending? Ideas and thoughts generating?

The sensations, emotions and thoughts you experience are arriving through the currency of your energy.

(If there’s something you want to create and you can’t feel it as if it’s true for you now, you may want to return to the previous two posts and get yourself organized around Intention and Attention.)

Energy. The root of all things. Energy. The creative, manifesting force.

So, let’s be honest. How many times have you said to yourself, ‘I want to create [fill in the blank], but I just don’t have it in me.’

That, my friend, is an energy problem.

Intention and attention are active states. They are not passive, lie around and wait states. They require energy, the currency of manifestation.

What’s it take to learn how to harness intention, attention and energy?

  • Commitment. You don’t sort of climb a mountain. You either climb it or you don’t. If you’re climbing the mountain, you’re all in. You bring food, water, gear. You wear the right clothes, boots & socks. You’re unswerving. You do what it takes to summit.
  • Focus. You don’t gain financial freedom through half-attention. You watch your investment portfolio, you monitor what you spend. You probably have a budget and savings goals. You’re on it.
  • Expectancy. You don’t want something and expect not to get it. Or do you? People often fall flat with expectancy. They do everything they can to bring something to fruition while living in the expectancy that they won’t receive what they’re seeking. That creates inertia.
  • Serendipitious availability. You don’t turn your back on the serendipitous hand of the Universe. Or do you? If you have such a clear vision of HOW the process of manifesting your idea will look, you might miss the Universe’s expansive view and its version of HOW.

So this week, notice. Notice what you want to create. And your intention. Is it clear, affirming, held in conscious awareness?

Intention, Attention, Energy - where's your focus?
Intention, Attention, Energy – where’s your focus?

Where’s your attention placed? Are you tracking your intent? Attending to your thoughts? Taking steps toward your objective?

And what’s up with your energy? Is your commitment on point? Are you focusing on what’s important? Are you expecting to manifest your desire? And are you open to the Universe’s serendipitous flow?

If you are, trust the process. And keep doing what you’re doing (and more – if appropriate).

If you’re not, check in with CK. Share what’s happening. You’ll get some ideas about how to proceed and get your energy flowing where your intention’s going.

And keep your vital energy flowing!

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    • Hi Annie,

      Thank you for your kind words. In my humble opinion, you hit the nail on the head – intentions need to be practical and direct, and unless they’re taught and explained in their simplicity, it’s difficult to understand how to apply them practically and directly! Have a great, intentional week!


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