Scenes from The Path of an Energy Healer

A practitioner’s thoughts on the Path of an Energy Healer

I’m so grateful for this program. After 3 years of learning about energy, attending this program is bringing all the pieces together that were missing for me. EHI’s program offers an unfolding progression and balance that brings all the elements together. I can now visualize a practice for myself! You and Ellen have a great chemistry and synergy in your teachings. Thank you! Lindsay Blodgett, Portland, OR, October 2019

When Lindsay’s words arrived in my inbox, I realized I couldn’t have described The Path of an Energy Healer (PEH) practitioner program better myself.

The goal of the program is to provide the essential aspects of launching an energy healing practice:

  • Self-care, ownership and accountability to model the work so that clients rest in the knowledge that their practitioner is doing his or her personal work as well as helping others
  • A cohesive, grounded suite of skills for shifting themes, patterns, behaviors, emotions, beliefs, relationships, through intentional, active collaboration with clients
  • A container for ongoing learning and case supervision to ensure that practitioners internalize the classroom work through multiple hours of client practice as they concurrently prepare for launch
  • Meaningful, action-oriented practices and strategies for building a practice, a client base and referral network, and running a successful, organized, business.

This fall’s cohort impressed me with their diligence, questions and insights, and their willingness to go deep and explore their vulnerability and wounds with the intention to heal and resolve them.

Key takeaways:

Feeling called to the work supports learning and personal healing.

Recognizing the importance of doing their personal work as an aspect of a thriving practice, the connections to the skills and the desire to share them with clients deepened.

Patterns and themes are invitations for evolution.

The practitioners embraced EHI’s Formula for Evolution, seeing it as a strategic model for helping clients learn how to perceive obstacles or stuck places as doorways for evolving new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Energy work releases the energy tied up in themes, patterns, behaviors, creating space for new choices, responses and relationships.


Formula for Evolution


Resistance (to healing & evolving) is often part of healing. Resistance is a call to observe behavior, thoughts, actions, reactions and perhaps, the secret payoff for avoiding change and evolution.

We talked a lot about resistance, and the myriad ways it can show up in personal practice and in a client’s experience. Rather than feeling shame or guilt when resistance emerges, we consciously framed it as a place for curiosity and inner exploration. The relief in the room with this awareness was huge. As practitioners bring curiosity and the opportunity to explore to their clients when resistance emerges, relief will reverberate there, too.

Witnessing the rapid assimilation of hands-on and hands-off practices totally rocks.

The group’s willingness to dive in, find the right ways to hold their bodies and hands (ergonomics matter with energy healing!), and to implement the clearing practices was fabulous. A bunch of quick studies, this group got things organized and ‘in hand’ pretty quickly.

Work without the ‘Woo’

EHI is well known for offering the work without the woo. We spent some time unraveling New Age practices and talking through the importance of a systems-based approach to energy healing tools and practices.

A smattering of skills picked up from a variety of sources may not hang together, because the roots of different energy systems may not be compatible and aligned. It’s a common issue, though not frequently discussed or understood. It’s gratifying to know that these practitioners embrace the idea of a grounded, aligned suite of skills to support themselves and their clients.

There’s a path to advanced energy healing at EHI

The Path of an Energy Healer (PEH) is an important feeder for Advanced Energy Healing Protocols (AEHP), which offers practitioners additional expertise and knowledge for treating the Etheric (physical) and Astral (emotional) bodies. It’s a pleasure to anticipate the arrival of PEH practitioners in AEHP as they complete the requirements to move ahead with their learning of energy healing.

Watching this latest group of PEH practitioners depart the classroom, and to begin attracting practice clients to support their ongoing learning is inspiring and deeply satisfying. These are really good people, on their way to launching client practices, knowing that EHI, Ellen and I have their backs and will support their commitment and efforts to achieve mastery as energy healers.

If you’d like to be a practice client and receive treatment from one of these practitioners, let me know. I’ll happily connect you if you’re in the neighborhood of one of my students.

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