Seven Keys for Consciously Manifesting

Got Keys for Consciously Manifesting?

When you learn to apply seven keys for consciously manifesting, you become a powerful, conscious creator! The keys are: Intention, alignment, clarity, observation, right action, focus & your beliefs.

Consciousness IS The Journey

Will’s article last week about Alexander’s book, Proof of Heaven made me laugh.  Out loud.  First of all, no one has EVER confused me with Mohammed.  I’m totally and utterly sure of that. And no one has taken the journey that I have.  It is well and truly mine.  I’ve journeyed alone, I’ve journeyed in … Read more

Diving into your Dogma

What do you believe?  Do you believe what you believe?  Honey, I’ve got to tell you, we all think some crazy stuff, and when we believe the crazy stuff we think, we set worlds of energy into motion. Dogma can be stultifying, sticky.  You can end up thinking through a lens that is clouded with … Read more