What makes people tick?

Learn What Makes People Tick

Energy healing practitioners become experts at understanding what makes people tick to help their clients move beyond patterns, themes and behaviors that inhibit authenticity.

Swamp, Desert, Forest, Field – Finding a Healer

In the energy world, travelers may find themselves navigating varying terrain in the journey and quest to choose an appropriate practitioner for support and efficacious healing. Yes, this is part of the ongoing BYOH [Be Your Own Healer] series! Yes, CK’s still advocating BYOH – the more the better! Yet not every skill and resource … Read more

Keeping it Clean with Energy Hygiene

Keeping it Clean in your practice with Energy Hygiene

Energy hygiene is an essential practice for healers and practitioners to manage energetic countertransference and to avoid burnout. Beyond ‘highest possible good’, which is a concept, not a measurable frequency, energy hygiene keeps the practitioner’s neutrality in place, and minimizes enmeshment.