Be Your Own Healer!

Well now, what does that mean, exactly? Is CK advocating that you go back to school and become a doctor, nurse, therapist, psychologist? No. Not really. After all, I’d have to walk that talk, and you wouldn’t catch me spending my precious time that way! CK is advocating taking up your own work within yourself, … Read more

Further Lessons in Letting Go

The season of Festivus is upon us.  Have you noticed that sleigh bells ring every time the television comes on?  And as I write this, emails flow steadily into my Inbox – announcing Cyber Monday deals. I’m already longing for December 26 when the ads fade away and we go back to the normal besieging … Read more

You’re the Creator; You’re the Creation

This past weekend a group of students at EHI’s Energy Awareness training were working with the Clairvoyance System and viewing energy.  This particular weekend of EHI’s trainings generates a lot of fascinating dialogue about energy, consciousness, and the individual’s role in manifesting his or her experience. The participants have increased familiarity with one another, as … Read more