You’re the Creator; You’re the Creation

This past weekend a group of students at EHI’s Energy Awareness training were working with the Clairvoyance System and viewing energy.  This particular weekend of EHI’s trainings generates a lot of fascinating dialogue about energy, consciousness, and the individual’s role in manifesting his or her experience.

The participants have increased familiarity with one another, as this is the 2nd weekend they’ve spent together.  Behaviors loosen up and the juices really get flowing.  Stories emerge, in limited detail, since the classroom is not generally the space where we delve deeply into personal process.  Philosophically, EHI invites and expects participants to do their personal work, using the tools and skills that are taught in the classroom.  However, we are careful to ensure that we acquire and experience the newly introduced skills without delving into our hairiest, most ugliest life experiences.  This keeps the classroom energies relatively clear, and invites neutral exploration.

One of the participants is in the midst of a challenging transition in her life.  Emotions are running high and she’s diligently applying the skills to ease the transition, let go of old patterns and to move forward into a joyful, liberated experience.

At times heaviness would descend in her awareness.  She would shift from conscientious participant to a burdened, emotion-laden affect.

We had a few conversations off-line, during breaks in the action, where she would express sentiments about this experience in her life.  Gently (and occasionally not so gently) I would sit in my ‘teacher’ role and shift the conversation to reminding her that she is the creator of her life, and that her life is her creation.  This transition in her life is not being foisted upon her.  Rather, she’s a collaborator, co-creator and owner of the experience.  She would listen, take up her authority and her countenance, demeanor and energy would shift back into the role of conscientious participant.

Now, I’m not buying a pass for anyone in her life who treated her inappropriately, made choices that were damaging or hurtful.  That would be unconscionable and would render her powerless.

However, it’s incredibly important to realize that every moment of every day, every response, action, behavior, idea, intention belongs solely and utterly to you.  You’re your own maestro, conductor, boss, head honcho.  And when you well and truly get that, the moments of each day take on a new level of meaning, vibrancy and potentiality.

What will you create on your life’s wheel?

No one else can determine your happiness, your ability to thrive.  It’s all on you.  And hallelujah for that!

So when your life takes a turn (through your co-creation) and you find yourself in emotional over-load, grief, sadness, pain, depression, know that your process is yours to traverse as you choose it to be.

And using energy clearing skills will support your return to stasis, balance, equanimity, joy, and inspired creativity.

You are not the victim of your circumstances, you are the creator of your destiny, and your destiny is created moment by moment, choice by choice.

One of the most interesting points of feedback that the compassionate classmates shared with this beautiful woman was their clairvoyant perception that when she was experiencing emotional overload, there was no visible anchoring to the Earth beneath her feet.  This insight is hugely profound – not just for the students in the classroom, but for everyone to consider.

When emotions hijack the ability to be present in the here and now, the anchoring in the here and now is kaput, gonzo, outtahere.  Regaining presence is readily achieved by anchoring energy deeply into the Earth.

The effects of gravity will support siphoning off the excess emotion, and the Earth’s energy will assist in restoring balance, integration into current time and a renewed awareness of the self as creator.

It was beautiful to observe this woman resuming her autonomy and returning to full participation in the exercise of reading energy.  Another participant assumed the role of ‘client’ and the group began the process of assessing and reading the energy of the participant and her chosen topic of discussion.

This woman, who had minutes before collapsed into emotionalism and forgotten her role as creator delivered the keynote clairvoyant insight to assist the ‘client’ with her questions.  Her power and autonomy restored, she unlocked a core pattern and delivered the code for releasing the pattern to her colleague.  Truly thrilling!

Every moment is a choice.  Choosing to be in full awareness of your role as Creator and your life as your creation eliminates the idea that someone else can dictate your happiness, your joy, your autonomy, your sense of self.  And it affirms your inherent ability to thrive, on your own terms.

Keep your vital energy flowing!

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2 thoughts on “You’re the Creator; You’re the Creation”

  1. “No one else can determine your happiness, your ability to thrive. It’s all on you. ”


    Sometimes I want to whack people (in a loving way) with a clue 2′ x 4′ with that sentiment emblazoned on it. 🙂

    • At least you’re loving! It’s a hard concept to understand initially because our language creates the idea of us vs. them, right vs wrong, victim vs perpetrator. But when someone really embraces the idea and gets that every moment is a choice, life gets so much more interesting and vibrant. Thanks for commenting, Michael!


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