The White Light Caper

The White Light Caper

When you send white light to other people, you’re not necessarily doing the right thing. The same is true when you use it with yourself. Learn more about white light, and when and where it’s appropriate to use it. It’s great to be in the know!

Emotional Vampires

Emotional Vampires? Seriously?

When jargon creates victims A few years ago, an EHI student sent me an article in DailyOM by Dr. Judith Orloff.  The article, Combating Emotional Vampires, was an excerpt from Dr. Orloff’s online course of the same name.  I generally appreciate Dr. Orloff’s work, and of course, Dr. Orloff didn’t invent the term Emotional Vampires, … Read more

Treasures & No See-ums – or Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

A recent lesson in attention and energy flow seems worth describing – perhaps a contribution to the discourse on attraction, attention, how energy works. If you’d like the backstory on this post, please see the Chakra Khan post, Messages, Passages, Assimilation.  It describes the recent experience I had cleaning out my parent’s house in anticipation … Read more