Image of a light pink flower on a blue background. Used to describe cultivating peace.

Cultivate Peace

Peace is a feeling, of course. But the feeling comes from the frequency of peace. Cultivate peace. Join the inner evolution.

Jill Leigh and Lobo, her Mexican street dog

The Call for Change Looms Large

When change looms large, it comes with a call. A call for newness, evolution, reclamation, letting go. Inviting what is waiting to emerge is an act of coming home to myself in a new way.

Honoring Solstice

Solstice Honoring

The turn of the seasons are thought of as pagan, and of course, they are. Yet, they are also a powerful and deeply spiritual honoring of the light that shines within us, as well as the darkness that enshrouds us. Both are fertile, both are necessary. What is your Winter Solstice ritual? I’m honored to share mine.

Immunity I'm Unity

Immunity Thinking in the Age of Corona

I began thinking about infected vs. immunity thinking last fall, within the context of our political environment, where hatred, divisiveness, rage and anger prevail. What is the antidote? Immunity thinking, and its qualities of unity, compassion, trust, clarity and inclusiveness.