Conscious Is…

As Conscious Does It’s already been a hell of a month — floods in India, more shootings in the US, heightened security alerts, the aftermath in Paris. Syrians — will they be welcomed or turned away. It’s endless. And it’s only December 3rd! My private practice is mirroring the global angst — the discussions about… [Read More…] about Conscious Is…

Be Your Own Healer!

Well now, what does that mean, exactly? Is CK advocating that you go back to school and become a doctor, nurse, therapist, psychologist? No. Not really. After all, I’d have to walk that talk, and you wouldn’t catch me spending my precious time that way! CK is advocating taking up your own work within yourself,… [Read More…] about Be Your Own Healer!


What a beautiful word. Whole-ing. It evokes the promise of completion, evolution, new beginnings. Living into a new state of wholeness. Whole-ing also speaks to process; the journey, the ride. I love Whole-ing. CK’s Webster’s: Whole-ing. Verb: A conscious individual’s ongoing creation of experiences cultivating growth, learning, healing. Through Whole-ing, causal energy is articulated, acknowledged… [Read More…] about Whole-ing

Taking Care

Chakra Khan is taking care. Right now. Taking care to let the muse rest and regenerate. Taking care to nurture a healing heart. Taking care to honor passages large and small. Taking care to meditate, clear energy, exercise, eat cleanly, breathe. Taking care of business transitions. Taking care. So many passages. Two young, beautiful, beloved… [Read More…] about Taking Care