Image of a light pink flower on a blue background. Used to describe cultivating peace.

Cultivate Peace

Peace is a feeling, of course. But the feeling comes from the frequency of peace. Cultivate peace. Join the inner evolution.

Jill Leigh and Lobo, her Mexican street dog

The Call for Change Looms Large

When change looms large, it comes with a call. A call for newness, evolution, reclamation, letting go. Inviting what is waiting to emerge is an act of coming home to myself in a new way.

ADHD & Energy Healing

A story about ADHD: Self-healing & evolution

Got an ADHD diagnosis? Or suspect that this is your issue? So many good people medicate the symptoms of ADHD because they don’t know how energy healing skills and tools can diminish the input and overwhelm, the anxiety and sensory over-stimuation. With a bit of energy and effort, ADHD can be in your rear view mirror.

Achieving Autonomy & Sovereignty – Part 4

It’s a sacred privilege to witness clients as they begin to achieve a sense of self that is not defined by their trauma experience. These good people are finding their sovereignty, and actualizing a life they conscious choose instead of reacting from the energy of old stories and experiences.