Somatizing is not Solution-izing

If emotion is repressed, it can’t be resolved! A wildly obvious statement, right? I agree. And wildly profound. Why? Because energy practitioners treat somatized emotions all the time. And so do doctors. Have you ever had a bunch of symptoms arise in your body, gone to the doctor, run a battery of tests — and… [Read More…] about Somatizing is not Solution-izing

Meet. Greet. Complete.

Meet The issue, person, emotion, physical pain, mental musing, spiritual crisis head on.  Straight up. Say hello. Invite it in. Even if it terrifies you.   Greet The underlying story, the root cause analysis, the underbrush and move in to the work. Yes, exactly.  Just do it. A meet and greet is just that –… [Read More…] about Meet. Greet. Complete.