How to Avoid Your Life

My, doesn’t this sound like an evolved thing to do?  Avoid Your Life.  Sign me up!  How do I do this and do it well?  It’s got to be an involved, intricate process to avoid your life, right?

Sadly, not really.  There’s a lot of ways to get it done.  And we’ll review the top 3 ways that I see students and clients avoiding their life.  And if you find yourself in one of these top 3, you’ll see I offer you a way to do things differently, so that you plug in instead of tune out.

  • Anytime you feel overwhelmed or swamped by the energies in crowded spaces, you blame the energy of the space and place.

I’ve had clients and students tell me about their high levels of sensitivity – they can’t go to malls, parties, crowded spaces without taking on everyone else’s emotional energy.  They’re perennially depleted, overwhelmed and find their ability to engage in social activities continuously diminishing.

It’s all because of what’s happening on the outside, isn’t it?  The energy at the mall, party or sports arena is wrong, and you’re simply too sensitive to take part.

Alas, you’re out of relation to yourself and how you’re wired, and you’re making the SPACE and PLACE and its TOXICITY the issue.  Bottom line? You’re Avoiding Your Life.

Recognizing that your energy centers are set to allow your sentience and sovereignty to be overshadowed by the energy of space and place sets you firmly in the driver seat and able to navigate the arena without going into overwhelm and hyper-sensitivity.  Learning to set your chakras for presence, self-containment allows you to take charge of yourself and Get Back In Your Life!

  • Anytime anything negative happens between you and another, You Focus only on How You Feel instead of How You Engage and Respond.

I’ve had clients and students tell me that their spouse, partner, friends energies are so overwhelming that they can’t tolerate being in their presence unless those people behave benignly and passively.  I have even had clients tell me that they offer this feedback to others – ‘you’re upsetting my energy with your energy.  Get a hold of yourself please so I can feel better!’

Your feelings are a guidepost to help you understand where you are in space and time.   They’re important, but they’re not the end of the road.  They’re the indicator of How You’re Traveling.

If you’re happy, it’s a good trip, yes?  If you’re mad, sad, rejected, dejected, hurt or frustrated, that’s the beginning of the story, not the end.  If you allow it to be the end of the story, You’re Avoiding Your Life.

Owning your emotions, asking yourself Why you’re triggered into whatever emotion you’re feeling and then clearing your energy and your triggers brings you into responsibility for your contribution to the debacle.  And with that responsibility, you take up the reins of your own body-buggy and Get Back In Your Life.

  • Your to-do list’s half a mile long, or extends behind you at least 4-5 city blocks.  There’s the family to consider, the community obligations, the appointments and play dates and meetings and activities.  There’s the vacation to plan and the newsletter to write.  Your activities blend together so tightly that you arrive at the next meeting with your mind and energy still focused on the meeting that just wrapped.  Minimal (if any) time is set aside for reflection, restoration, contemplation and being. You even arrive at your yoga practice breathless and 5 minutes late!  You’re so busy running your life and its activities that you’ve lost touch with your purpose for being and You’re frantically, busily Avoiding Your Life.


Taking a moment to ground your energy and anchor your awareness in the here and now brings you into the moment, your body and your experience from a place of presence, containment and self-awareness.  Ahhhhhh…feels so amazing to be present, doesn’t it?

Learning to invest 10-15 minutes daily in internal contemplation, presence, self-awareness teaches you and your energy body to synchronize, to come together in a connected way that gives you the grace to navigate your day, learn to set reasonable boundaries around your time and energy and to put yourself on your own schedule.  It is a key component that helps you Get Back In Your Life.

We all have stuff to do, manage and let go.  We all have issues, problems and challenges.  If the stuff and the issues run us, then we’re really choosing to Avoid Our Lives.  If we use the stuff and the issues as fodder for presence, awareness and self-responsibility, then we take up our sovereignty, our purpose and our sense of self and navigate firmly through the waters of our lives.  Get Back In Your Life.  Find your way through present awareness.

And keep your vital energy flowing.

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