Before You Make Resolutions…

How to Set Intentions that are Energetically Aligned

(for the New Year and Always)

So tell me: How far along are you with writing your New Year’s Resolutions?

Can I offer some suggestions for redirecting your process?

Now is a great time to reflect on your life, on what you want to create, on who you want to be-come. It is a great time to use your reflections and desires to fuel changes in behavior. New Year’s Eve is a helpful reminder to do this work.

However, many of us have unhelpful practices for doing this work.

First, we think back on the past year and make lists of what we didn’t achieve. Then, we add those things to a list of resolutions for the new year.

When lists are created this way, it tends to feed the inner critic and be demoralizing. Looking back doesn’t move life forward.

Consider shifting from Resolutions to Intentions 

Note the difference between the urge to Re-Solve and the ability to In-Tend. One looks backward and tries to solve a problem. The other tunes In and invites the Tending of attention and energy to align and guide action, creating powerful coherence.

For Example…

Resolution: Lose weight by exercising 5 days/week and eating healthy.

Intention: Honor my body and its needs.

When my intention is to honor my body, then my whole life can fall into alignment with that intention. I can ask myself does this align with my intention? on an ongoing basis (and about everything I do and say and believe). Like this:

Does it align with my intention to honor my body?

  • Work overtime this week at my computer? (NO)
  • Meditate this morning (YES)
  • Drive to work instead of riding my bike? (NO)
  • Shop at the Farmer’s Market (YES)
  • Buy those high heels (NO)
  • Go to yoga class (YES)
  • Watch t.v. (NO)
  • Reduce stress (YES)
  • Look at fashion magazines (NO)
  • Insist on relationships, partners and lovers that honor my body (YES)
  • Smoke this cigarette? (NO)
  • Invest in healing therapies? (YES)

Part of what makes intention different from a resolution is the opportunity to unfold through coherence each day.

Let’s be intentional and coherent. What intention are you creating?

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