In-bodiment & Chakras

A Chakra Khan Story

Chakra Khan spent years out of her body. Years, truly.

Childhood memories? Relatively few. In school, weird dissociated feelings when taking tests: was that material ever even mentioned in class? Or even stranger, the vague feeling that some of the subjects and lessons crossed the cranium, but others never came close!

Early adulthood – another challenge. Doing fine at work, whatever job it was, but feeling disconnected from herself, her team, her friends. And oddly attached to other people. People who felt strong, capable and somehow anchored her, made her feel solid.

Energy healing & Chakras
Do I even have a life?

Twenty-three years ago, Chakra Khan learned about Chakras. And what she learned was a game changer.

Upon learning that certain Chakras were set and organized in such a way that in-bodiment was not a sure bet – Chakra Khan started practicing the appropriate resets. And as she practiced, her energy shifted.

She in-bodied. Her energy. Her body. Her life. Her experience.

And what a difference it made to be plugged in and self-aware. And growing. And experiencing. The vacuous, fuzzy cloud that accompanied the out of body experiences was gone.

What a relief! And a comfort. Feeling that disconnected was a bit frightening, and it certainly made life lackluster and unfocused.

Now please understand. Not everything was perfect when she landed in her life. In fact, there was a lot that Chakra Khan needed to change.

It became changeable when CK was in the room to notice her behaviors and make new choices. The lesson:

You can’t heal, grow or evolve unless you’re in-bodied.

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Beyond the obvious gratitude that CK feels about having a body and knowing how to use it, is the overarching point of this big share. Recently Chakra Khan published 4 scenarios about the Chakras.

The scenarios included strategies for setting Chakras for deeper levels of in-bodiment and regulating energy inflow and outflow. The four scenarios are called Chakra Sanities.

Guess which one was most popular?

The one called, Hey! Has Anyone Seen My Body?


In-bodiment. Gotta get some of that.

The Chakra Sanity for in-bodiment can be a great vehicle for helping you drive yourself back home. To Yourself. By closing some Chakras and opening others.

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Meditations, Practices

They’re practices, active meditations, guided visualizations, mantra ministrations. You attend and intend and direct your energy. It’s the stuff that manifestation is made of.

Of course, there are three other Chakra Sanities having to do with common energy-related issues or patterns. So if in-bodiment is not a concern, but you’ve got a lot of body pain, are energetically sensitive or tend to have emotional volatility – swings, predominance of a particular emotion, stressed, stressed, stressed – there are Chakra Sanities for you, too!

Here’s to in-bodiment.

To healing and growth. To showing up, being real. To growing through and beyond.

Amen, to that!

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Oh! One other thing – if you’d like to learn about Chakra settings along with two other skills for evolving your energy body and therefore your physical, mental and emotional body – there’s a free Online Course held every 2 weeks called In-bodied and Feeling Fine! Register if you’d like to expand beyond Chakra setting and go a little deeper into energy healing. The skills help you Be Your Own Healer, one of Chakra Khan’s favorite things about energy healing.

See you there? Bring a friend?

Keep your vital energy flowing…




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