Energetic Promiscuity

You’re salivating aren’t you?  Promiscuity?  This is going to be one juicy post!  What in the world could CK be alluding to with such a provocative title? Well, you’re definitely right, the title is titillating, and if it evokes the concept of doing you know what with lots of you know who’s, you’re on the … Read more

Keeping it Clean with Energy Hygiene

A year ago, I attended a wonderful conference about publishing.  I was contemplating some next steps for my business, and writing a book was on the table for consideration. While at the conference, the participants were given the opportunity to ‘pitch’ their book idea to the conference professionals and to fellow participants.  Pitchers were offered … Read more

The Case for Consciousness Study as an Adjunct for Energy Healing, Energy & Vibrational Medicine Practitioners

In 1991, I embarked on the study of consciousness, psychic development and shamanism at the same time.  I was quickly immersed in the work of Seth & Jane Roberts.  I was learning skills and practices to develop my apparent but untrained psychic ability, studying with John Friedlander in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  And I was participating … Read more

Feeling the Love…& the Anxiety & the Depression & the Rage…Or Why Being an Empath Ain’t All it’s Cracked Up to Be

Many of the healers who find EHI and its Energy Healing Training programs cross the threshold in a state of depletion, overwhelm and exhaustion.  Why is that?  Is it exhausting to be a healer and have a healing practice?  Do healers have to give themselves away to support and facilitate transformation in others only to … Read more