The Case for Consciousness Study as an Adjunct for Energy Healing, Energy & Vibrational Medicine Practitioners

In 1991, I embarked on the study of consciousness, psychic development and shamanism at the same time.  I was quickly immersed in the work of Seth & Jane Roberts.  I was learning skills and practices to develop my apparent but untrained psychic ability, studying with John Friedlander in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  And I was participating in ceremonies, studying with indigenous elders and embracing the vibrant rituals that inform shamanic work.

I didn’t study any of it lightly.  In fact, I dug deeply into the work, the learning and the practices.  My mind and spirit were deeply enriched by all that I was learning, and my body and my heart were thriving on the practices, rituals and ceremonies.

Eleven years later, in 2002, I crossed a pivotal threshold.  I moved out of the realm of shamanic work and chose to extend what I’d learned through my repeated study of Seth and the other spiritual and consciousness related material.  I entered the realm of quantum mechanics.  While I wouldn’t be able to complete any single equation, energy work’s efficacy is grounded in the conclusions that have been gleaned from the study of non-matter, the Cosmos and quantum mechanics.

And I realized that the work of spirituality and consciousness – equally grounding for healing modalities, is most powerfully accompanied by internalizing the quantum hypotheses that illuminate our non-dominant or psychic awareness.

The integration of the science and spirit of energy healing lies in conscious awareness.  And in choosing the work of energy healing, energy medicine, vibrational healing – there’s an infinite sea of potentiality that opens to the healer and his or her patient/clients.

That sea of potentiality is available to everyone.  We are all part and parcel of one another, everything that exists.  Thus, what can be perceived and experienced by one is available to all. Yet in our concurrent individuated awareness, we operate from our beliefs as a frame of reference for our every experience.

If practitioners of vibrational or energy medicine are not actively studying the science and spirit of the work, they can potentially hold an unconscious or misinformed belief that effects the potentiality that is carried in the treatment space and process.

The invitation to delve deeply into the science and spirit of energy healing, energy or vibrational medicine creates the consciousness within the practitioner to integrate complimentary modalities, and effect deep, empowering states of healing awareness within patients or clients.

Practices offering integrated healing modalities are becoming more prevalent.  Cranio-sacral and other energy forms – myofascial release, Reiki, Polarity, Reflexology.  Psychotherapy and EMDR, EFT, TAT and other tapping forms, as well as other energy therapies such as chakra and auric clearing and boundary setting.  Naturopathy and homeopathy.  Therapy and flower essences.

When carefully integrated through conscious awareness, these integrated modalities leap frog traditional practices.  And the practitioner’s consciousness plays a key role in facilitating the work.

And in so doing, the practitioner and the practice move into mainstream awareness and serve the broader community of individuals who are actively embracing integrated medicine as their preferred form of enhancing their health, healing and wellness.

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