The Practitioner’s Dilemma, Part 2

Last week I wrote about practitioners who derail in their practices by having their personal energy set in such a way that they’re in their patient & client’s soup.  Not only is it depleting and exhausting to live that way, but energetically, it’s like wearing someone else’s workout clothes.  Ewwwww…..

This week CK is going to riff a bit more on the practitioner theme because…she can!

I’m hearing a lot about practitioner’s who have ‘failure to launch’ syndrome.  Remember that movie?  It starred Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker.  The failure to launch in the movie relates to McConaughey’s characters inability to get a life and move out of his parent’s house, even though he’s an adult, well-educated, etc.

With energy healing practitioners, failure to launch refers to their inability to support themselves financially with their healing practice.

There’s no one answer to the issue.  And I’m nowhere near arrogant enough to say that I have the winning formula to a thriving practice.  Having said that, I do have a thriving practice, and have had one both part- and full-time for more than 20 years.

And know what CK learned in the very beginning?  Two primary things:

  • Practitioners have to do the business basics that allow a practice to grow and prosper.  These things include: networking, marketing (website, outreach, community focus and service), public speaking, wellness fairs, conferences, etc.  If a practitioner doesn’t want to also be a businessperson, there’s potentially a slog ahead and perhaps a couple of part-time jobs to pull things together financially.
  • Practitioners need to have themselves in balance, especially as it relates to giving and receiving

What are some of the hallmarks of a great healing practitioner?  They are:

  • generous in their support, encouragement, ability to see the patient/client in an evolved state – healed, released, freed up
  • thoroughly inspired and jazzed by the opportunity to help others
  • incredibly giving, caring and stalwart in their commitment to serve

All good, right?  You won’t find CK seeking out a practitioner who doesn’t embody these qualities and characteristics!  I mean, can’t you just see it?

‘Hello, my name is CK and I’d like to know that you’re a stingy, limited, resentful, lackadaisical, uncommitted healer?  If you are, sign me up for your next session!’

No one wants stingy, resentful, lackadaisical, non-committal healers working on them, right?  We all want someone who is going to help us find the best in ourselves and shine the light through whatever darkness is carried so we can see our way to a new place!

Here’s the thing:

Healers need to have their game on as it relates to receiving.  They can’t just give it away and give it away and give it away, because what happens?  They give out.  They burn out.  They have to work 3 jobs so that they can pay their bills.  They charge too little, they lack boundaries around session time, frequency.  They take on clients or patients who refuse to hold themselves in their healing process.

One lovely healer told CK that she did a 4-hour session on a client (who was completely healed of a debilitating and painful illness).  She charged $50 for the session.  Folks, that’s $12.50/hour.  That’s crazy-cheese!

So if you’re a healing practitioner and you’re out of balance with your giving to receiving ratio, think about it.  Meditate on it.  Invite receiving.  Say yes, please.  Figure out ways in which you can allow, receive, take in, experience your life in a whole-some, full-figured kind of way.

Imagine that the balance of giving and receiving supports you (because it will).  Imagine that a balanced approach to your practice will generate referrals, clients, networking opportunities, speaking engagements.  When you are in balance, your practice and its outreach will be too.

And let go of any thoughts that being in service means being in depletion, lack, poverty or less than plenty.

If you know a practitioner who’s struggling with this balance issue, please forward or share this post.  Offer him or her a lifeline to finding the internal rhythm and flow of giving and receiving.

And keep your vital energy flowing.

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