Healer Hubris

It’s been a rough couple of weeks professionally. Here’s what I’ve witnessed: Situation 1 – a friend of a friend described her energy healing training to me. Here’s one major teaching she’s learned and practices: When walking down the street, shopping, hanging out in a park or bowling alley – scan and fix other people’s energy. … Read more

Meditation and Mental Illness

CK has often had the privilege of working with young spiritually inclined individuals – many high school and college aged.  These amazing people are students of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Shamanism, Spiritualism and many other isms, including hallucinogenisms (yeah, a CK-ism). Through meditation, ceremony, ritual these people have experienced life-changing and mind-blowing awakenings.  To divinity, consciousness, … Read more

Ideas and Actualization

C.P., this post is dedicated to you and your ideas. C.P. brought such an interesting topic to his latest session with Chakra Khan.  He wanted to know how to galvanize his energy to manifest all of the amazing and great ideas he generates.  His days are filled with activities and tasks, like all of us.  … Read more

The Practitioner’s Dilemma, Part 2

Last week I wrote about practitioners who derail in their practices by having their personal energy set in such a way that they’re in their patient & client’s soup.  Not only is it depleting and exhausting to live that way, but energetically, it’s like wearing someone else’s workout clothes.  Ewwwww….. This week CK is going … Read more

The Practitioner’s Dilemma

Do you have any idea what it’s like to sit across from a patient (or client) in a therapeutic/healing  session and discover that what the patient is describing to you is what’s happening in your own life experience?  It happens all the time!  And it can be pretty challenging to say the least.  The reason … Read more

My Pineal Brought Me Sh*t!

When clients begin an energy clearing protocol, they learn to make friends with meditation.  Not the type of meditation where your breath is the focus, you witness your thoughts rolling by, and you let them go. Energy clearing meditations are a bit more active.  The individual is within him or herself, attending to the body, … Read more