The China Study vs. Paleo Diet vs. Blood Sugar Solution…Or…

A couple of years ago, The China Study was the talk of the town(s).  Eat a plant-based diet, and life is good.  You’re healthy, you feel good, your chances of disease decrease.  Lots of data and research to validate the premise.

Last year, the Paleo Diet and the Blood Sugar Solution were talked about, the books avidly read – hardcover, paperback, Kindles, Nooks, etc.  Protein and vegetables [Paleo] and managing the glycemic index [Blood Sugar] through appropriate, plant-based diet the word(s) of the day.

Yet there’s controversy and tension amongst the population with people taking strong positions about which nutritional and health-affirming model is ‘RIGHT.’

At one point in time, CK found herself virtually muted with a colleague who proclaimed a plant-based diet the One and Only Solution to health and well-being.

So, who’s right about what’s right for our bodies?

I know you know this, but You are the one who’s right.  Your body responds to what you eat.  Food is fuel.  It’s your body’s energy source.

What you feed your body matters.  Just like what you think matters.

Now, having validated that you and your body are fully capable of deciding which health-affirming, rational nutritional approach works for you, let’s move to another topic.

And no, the image below is not a rational, health-affirming nutritional approach, ok?

Accepting and honoring choice.  Each of us is a sovereign being, right?  So we all have our own minds – conscious and unconscious – operating within us, within the unique cauldron of self.  We are also informed by the energy of the collective.  We’re all one, although not in a way we actively sense except for those magical momentary glimpses, sensations, connections.

Can you accept and imagine that another’s way of eating, voting, praying, dancing, parenting, dating, is his or her way, and it’s not really yours to judge, condemn or praise?  In reality, when we jump on the right/wrong bandwagon, we skew our energy out of neutrality and flow and into belief system and rigidity.

In choosing a plant-based diet, you choose for you.  If it works for you and your body, that’s awesome.  You’ll be entering the plant-based eating collective belief system and it will inform your awareness.  And yes, it’s true, belief systems generate a certain level of rigidity, because the differing belief systems are no longer neutrally and equally weighted.

If you choose an animal protein based approach, such as the Paleo diet and it works for you – equally fabulous!  You’ll be entering the animal protein-based eating collective belief system and it will inform your awareness.  And that teensy bit of rigidity, too.

And so it goes.

We all simply need to remember that we are what we eat, and we can rest comfortably in our choices, right?

We all need to remember that we vote our conscience, and we can rest comfortably in our choices, right?

We all need to remember that we believe in what we believe in – God, Allah, Yahweh, Great Spirit, the Universe, and we can rest comfortably in our choices, right?

You get the drill.

Good.  I’m glad we’ve gotten this cleared up.  So from here forward we’ll all remember that the energy of acceptance is the energy that allows us to honor our choices, using our own internal wisdom as our guide.

We’ll remember that we each meet our experiences with the legacy of our beliefs, our opinions and our thoughts as our perceptive lens through which we process the moments.  And that the legacy informs our thoughts, opinions and responses.

And then, we’ll remember that neutrality and flow are vibrant, accepting, in the moment energies for us to cultivate for making our own choices and honoring the choices of others.

What a lovely chat!

Keep your vital energy flowing.

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