Clairvoyance Trumps Clairsentience

So many of us are empaths – we feel other people’s energy and emotions. In fact, the Internet is riddled with posts and articles about Emotional Vampires, Energy Vampires and other treatises on managing sensitivity.

Feeling Other People’s Stuff Doesn’t Make You A Better Healer

Your digestive system feels really sluggish!

When healing practitioners feel their patients energy and emotions or their aches and pains, they’re taking on way more than necessary to be effective in their work.

There’s no honor badge for feeling other people’s stuff. While it may be kind of cool and interesting, and your patient’s may even find it amazing that you’re able to do this – it’s not a sign of prowess.

Technically Speaking

To pick up someone else’s stuff empathically or Clairsentiently, you first displace your own energy. You have to make room for their stuff to come in.

And then, once you’ve got someone else’s energy, you smush it in with your own energy, diluting and diminishing your authentic essence. Man, there’s nothing like helping others to evolve and be more aligned at the expense of your own autonomy and evolution!

Perspective is Everything

What happens to your objectivity and perspective when this happens? How can you KNOW what someone’s feeling when it’s all jumbled up with your energy and emotions?

You can’t. Your perspective and objectivity is colored with your own stuff, and it renders you less capable of addressing your patient’s issues and concerns.

Clairvoyance elevates the view

Perspective, clarity

Clairvoyance generates incredible perspective and objective awareness – whether it’s used to support others in a healing process, or the lens is used solely for your own self-awareness and healing.

CK wants you to know – Clairvoyance is a learnable skill. It’s not a ‘gift’ – though it may be a tendency passed down through generations in a family system.  It’s teachable and learnable.

Chakra Khan teaches Sensitives and Empaths to move away from this tendency – out of the 2nd Chakra Clairsentience – and into the higher Chakra, less enrolled Clairvoyant awareness.

Why Burnout?

For many practitioners, Clairvoyance has made the difference between continuing or giving up a healing practice.  Burnout is a real phenomenon for Sensitive and Empathic healers.

If I ran the Universe, I’d mandate that anyone in a healing profession – regardless of modality, licensure or credentials – learn Clairvoyance as a means of honing and refining perception without enrolling in the patient or client’s soup.

Clairvoyance Training 1/25 & 2/1 – Online

Since I don’t run the Universe, I can at least offer an Online Course to assist people to practice a more hygienic way of engaging their own and others energy.

I still have a seat or two in my upcoming 6-hour training on 1/25 & 2/1. We’ll spend 3 hours each Saturday learning and applying the Clairvoyance System. You’ll be amazed at how much you can see in a short period of time!

Want to join? Use Coupon Code SeeJan14 when you enroll and you’ll receive a $140 discount off of the list price.

I hope to ‘see’ you there!

And Keep Your Vital Energy Flowing.

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