CK’s been thinking about containment lately.  Containing energy, emotion, response, impulse.

There’s been a hiatus in the blog; I’ve been containing.  When everything is held close, what is there to say or to share?  It felt aligned to cease writing during my containment.

It’s been an interesting and flourishing experience to contain my energy, emotion, responses and impulses.  It has provided multiple opportunities to meet myself in the stillness there.  Far from isolating, it was enriching, expansive and rewarding to be so closely held.

The period of containment has gone on for months, actually.  Basically an organic evolution from the need to galvanize and process through an enormous amount of change in the trajectory of my life.

And while there were moments of disclosure, sharing, emotion throughout the multi-month transition, most of the time the easiest and most coherent way to navigate was through containment.

Choosing and practicing being carefully held, contained, within myself, my process and journey was an extraordinary gift.

Containment – holding yourself and your journey is a gift. 

Here’s some things that can be shared about the experience of containment:

Containment - holding yourself and your journey is a gift.
Containment – holding yourself and your journey is a gift.
  • it’s easier to stay focused on intention – when energy is dispersed through conscious and unconscious engagement with others, a clear intention can dissipate. (Intention rocks!)
  • it’s easier to live in the present – when energy is contained, it tends to be anchored in the here and now. (Simple, clean, elegant)
  • externally, people perceive you as centered, clear and on task.  It’s not that everything is buttoned up and organized.  It’s that you’re buttoned up (energetically) and thus appear as if all is in hand.  (Liking this!)
  • when the going gets tough, containment eases the way again.  Navigating the vagaries of profound change can be unsettling and crazy-making.  In containment, the clear, calm center guides the way.  (Ahhhhhh…..)  [Sidebar: when I was a kid, I learned a stupid rhyme: ‘when in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!’ I’m so over this!!]

So many clients, students, friends, colleagues are sharing stories of profound change.  Big transitions, shifts – altering life directions and opening new pathways.  And there’s a clear correlation between the ability to contain and the ease with which their transitions are unfolding.

What’s happening in your life?  How are you doing with the practice of containment?  Share your experience and let’s all learn from each other.

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  1. Jill-
    So glad to hear that you are settling in! Major changes happening over here as well!! Working on staying focused and grounded so that my mind isn’t clouded with doubt, fear, etc. Just remembered this was my high school quote in the yearbook, “Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out.” Keeping a clear and positive mindset and working on becoming clearer with my intentions.


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