What is an Energy Protocol?

I discuss protocols frequently, because I continually design and record them for my clients and students. Here’s Wikipedia’s definition for a medical protocol:

A set of rules followed by an emergency medical technician or nurse. (source)

That definition gives us a baseline understanding of what an energy protocol might be. Here’s my definition:

A set of skills applied in a specific order, anchored by a well-crafted intention, applied to the chakras and aura, for energy self-care, and to expand and evolve conscious awareness.

The amazing thing about protocols is that they can be used for a broad variety of issues. Yet when coupled with a carefully crafted intention, and applied in specific chakras and the aura, these skills become evolutionary change agents.

Protocols are powerful. They affirm several things:

Your commitment to evolve.

People who take their evolutionary work seriously commit to a ‘project’. For example, letting go of invalidation; owning their worth; making lasting change in relationships; creating the life they want; or releasing negative beliefs about feeling unlovable.

Your desire to let go and heal.

Protocols step you out of longstanding patterns and create space for new ways of interacting.

Your dedication to show up.

Flitting from one issue to the next with energy healing is akin to skimming the surface of an issue in therapy and expecting your life to change.

Yoga students dedicate each day’s practice to wherever they find themselves as they step on to their mats.

Energy clearing protocols are similar. Someone working a protocol to diminish emotional volatility may be agitated on Monday and sanguine on Tuesday. Both days, the commitment to the protocol moves the needle.

Protocols can be applied for:

  • difficult emotions
  • longstanding patterns
  • inappropriate or immature behaviors
  • challenging relationships
  • limiting beliefs

And that’s just off the top of my head! In short, whatever inhibits you is ripe for a protocol.

Based on 25 years with clients and students, I’ve narrowed down the top seven energy protocols that everyone can use. I offer them each as 90-minute live, online classes that I call “nuggets.”

The Top Seven Energy Protocols

  • Responding, Not Reacting: Outgrowing your go-to emotions – June 20, 2019 (Passed)
  • Saving Yourself: Letting go of caretaking others – August 15, 2019 (Register Now)
  • Calming Difficult Relationships: Doing your part to diffuse, let go, level up – September 19, 2019 (Register Now)
  • Consciously & Energetically Liberated: Reducing empathic sensitivity & overwhelm (Coming soon)
  • Embodying your Spirituality: Because ungrounded spirituality is not spiritual (Coming soon)
  • Boundaries are Beautiful: Owning your energetic space (Coming soon)
  • Traveling Light: Dropping other people’s baggage (Coming soon)

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2 thoughts on “What is an Energy Protocol?”

  1. This is quite true. Without a protocol, you can think you are clearing your energy but not really clearing your energy! Thank you for this reminder! I have a set of daily energy clearing and chakra clearing practices that I use each morning. I’m surprised sometimes when I muscle check and find blockages! Then I have to clear again. 🙂

    • I hear you. There’s always an opportunity to clear energy and evolve experience. I’ve been teaching these protocols for years and seen such powerful evolution in my clients and students as they take up the work.


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