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Evolving is Incremental

A post about spiritual evolution
Beekeeping in Maine

When I look back at where my life was a year ago, I can hardly believe the difference. In a nutshell, I:

migrated from the East to the West

moved from 16 acres in the woods to a loft in the city

have an online classroom instead of a brick and mortar one

mentor a beekeeper instead of tending bees myself

have a 20 x 20 plot in a community garden, and a balcony container garden instead of acres of planted beds, lawn and woods

And those are just the outward changes! But they speak to my internal evolution.

Energy clearing skills from EHI
Evolution – inward & outward

How did I know last year that I would have this life? I didn’t.

I evolved. And the changes and transitions unfolded.

Evolution is incremental. Moment by moment, experience by experience, meditation by meditation, clearing by clearing.

Flash Forward to the Present

Almost a month ago, I embarked on a 10-day road trip. My plan was to spend 5 days on the road, driving to and from New Mexico, and 5 days in Taos in a rented house.

Twenty-five days later, I’m still on the road.

My thinking and plans evolved. I answered a call within myself to stay free, unencumbered, out of the ordinary rhythm of my life.

Fueling up for more evolution
Fueling up for more evolution

I recognized and responded to the need to unfold this trip is a less contrived and constrained way. My logical self receded as my wild self emerged.

Evolving is a process of becoming

As kids, we learn a lot about evolution – through the lens of extinction and survival. Dodo birds and dinosaurs – extinct. Loons, sharks and turtles – surviving and thriving.

So in some way, there is a ‘do or die’ tenor to the idea of evolving. And I suppose that’s true.

In the spiritual journey of the self, evolving is quite similar. Old ways of being (perhaps of merely surviving) fall away as new ways of being (indeed, thriving) emerge – becoming real, aligned, purposeful.

Energy Healing is Evolving

Evolution is a matter of time, energy & awareness
Evolution is a matter of time, energy & awarenessrgy healing is evolving

Incremental. Clear a little of this pattern today and a lot of it tomorrow, and become more real with each practice.

Seeing myself through the lens (and illusion) of time, I perceive the shifts in trajectory and embrace my journey’s purpose, the highways and byways of experience, the GPS of my heart guiding me forward.

Life purpose may be about experience and evolution

I’m interested in evolution and experience. Truthfully, I see it as the ultimate purpose for being here. I’m not sure how much stock I actually place in the idea of having a pre-ordained purpose. After all, this is a free-will Universe. How can ANYTHING be pre-ordained? And even if it is, that doesn’t mean it’s mandatory. Free will is free will. Period. The end.

I trust the process of creating experience and organic evolution. Uncovering. Unraveling. Winding. Knitting. Discovering. Becoming.

And if there’s anything this past year has taught me, it’s that I Truly Don’t Know What Will Happen Next. I simply show up. I know that whatever emerges through the conscious evolution of self is my next right thing.

Like Evolution, A Story Is Unfolding

There’s a story unfolding here. I’ll be sharing it over the next few posts. If you or someone you know is  interested in consciously evolving, these posts could be useful.

OK, back to my heart’s GPS. Onward and upward I go.

Keep your vital energy flowing.

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