Freedom From vs Freedom To

A colleague wrote a message to the members of a group that assembles bi-weekly to discuss business goals, objectives and projects and to ensure accountability for forward movement in our individual businesses.  It’s a fantastic group of people with diverse businesses, models and plans.  I feel privileged to be a part of this amazing process.

This colleague wrote that he had been soul-searching his purpose in choosing his work.  And he used the phrase above in the context of the choices and decisions he had recently made.  Freedom from [insert what you’d like freedom from] to generate freedom to [insert what you’d like to do differently with all your newfound freedom].

The words inspired me beyond measure.  Freedom from – obstructions, old patterns, woundings, belief systems, tired, worn out excuses.  Freedom to – live joyously, be present, choose consciously, believe what feels right and true, act authentically.  Wow!

As I sat at my desk writing this post, I received a call from a private client.  She has struggled for years with difficult periods – cramps, bloating.  She is often incapacitated for 2 or more days, living on Advil, lying in a fetal position waiting for the worst of it to pass.

After her first session, she applied the skills and tools we worked on together.  She confessed that she’s actually been practicing sporadically, meeting occasional resistance to doing the work.  Yet even with her inconsistent application, for the first time ever she had no experience of cramps, no pain. She’s been able to maintain her activities, her work, keep her commitments because she’s pain free.  She was joyous, exuberant, astonished, grateful.

Here’s the fascinating thing: the exercises that she learned were not specifically geared toward the menstrual issue.  Rather they were about owning her field, releasing energies that weren’t hers, didn’t serve her interests.  And about bringing herself and her energy into current time.

Who knew that in taking on this work that she would serendipitously shift how she experiences her monthly period?

Her freedom from pain and discomfort gives her the freedom to be smack dab in the middle of her life.  Unencumbered.  Wholly present.  Fit.  Well.  How cool is that?

Her joy and excitement were infectious.  I found myself laughing and celebrating right along with her.  What a beautiful healing she gave herself.  Well done, lovely lady, well done.  A toast to the lovely lady – she’s a true energy star!


And what’s so exciting about energy work is that you just never know what unintended, unexpected, glorious changes will emerge beyond your intention for doing the work in the first place.  The body frees up.  The mind shifts, expands.  Emotions evolve – more sophisticated, congruent, nuanced.

So here we are, on New Year’s Day, 2013.  We all survived the end of the Mayan Calendar – as I knew we would.  So what are your intentions for 2013?

  • What are you choosing freedom from?
  • What are you inviting freedom to?

Whatever you choose freedom from and to – keep your vital energy flowing!

Happy New Year.

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