The Hard Work is Upon Us

If you are an energy healing practitioner, bodyworker, therapist or any kind of healing practitioner, I know your clients are leaning heavily on you these days. I heard that leading up to the election, people who typically see their therapist once a month have gone once a week, and clients who typically schedule once a week are going every day.

So, I know that you are not only contending with your own flood of emotions, you are also feeling the pain of countless others as they stream in your doors for your help.

As practitioners, we are rising to the occasion.

I’m about to suggest something that is hard work and a major commitment. AND, the time is now to add this much-needed tool to your set to facilitate healing and also protect your own well-being and energetic levels while doing so:

Become an energy healing practitioner.

Join one of EHI’s practitioner programs. This is no small thing I’m suggesting, and I realize that. I wouldn’t suggest it (or dedicate my life to teaching it) if I didn’t truly believe in its incredible value for you and for those you support in your healing practice.

Learn Energy Healing

Present of Presence

Present of Presence

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