Hitting the Energetic Mother Lode

From Story to Selfhood

What a gift to move beyond story to the ‘bearable lightness of being’ (co-opting and modifying a movie title).

This lightness of being occurs when we turn inward to the heart, opening to the temple of our spirit.

For some, a sudden and profound spiritual awakening occurs as this inward journey unfolds. And when it’s really rocking, the body, mind and emotions take on a life of their own.

Spiritual Awakening

The body can tremble, quiver and quake as an enormous shedding, and releasing takes place.

Wild and erratic emotions — one minute laughing, the next sobbing. Overwhelming!

And the mind? Unfocused. Uncomprehending. This watershed experience is literally beyond the mind’s capacity.

Have you ever had an experience like this?

Were you told, or did you think that it was your Kundalini Rising? It may have been.

Entertain the possibility that you might instead have Hit the Mother Lode, my playful name for this profoundly sacred and important emergence.

This awesome, cathartic, emotional, physical and mental release occurs when the energy body coalesces and unifies, supporting the emergence of a more cohesive self.

Mother Lode Primer

Trauma and unprocessed story affects the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Deep emotional pain is naturally suppressed, moving from your emotional body into your physical body (somatization). Your cells, organs, fascia, joints — all hold somatized emotion.

Meditation, prayer, ceremony — deep inward, spiritual connection — releases somatized emotion, flooding the body, mind and emotions.

Somatized emotion rises up — from the physical back into the emotional (often experienced as both rising up and letting go).

The releasing ‘dis-integrates’ – the energetic holding of emotion, pain, loss, grief, anger, fear, terror, rage — literally falls away — who you were (as a result of the trauma) you are no more.

After the experience passes, integration. You evolve and become a more deeply aligned version of Who You Are — without the trauma of past experience defining, organizing and controlling your experience.

Navigating rough waters - body, mind, emotions & spirit
Navigating rough waters – body, mind, emotions & spirit

Kundalini Rising Primer

An enlightenment experience that generally occurs from long-term spiritual practice. Yogis meditate for years to achieve Kundalini Rising.

Kundalini Rising merges the Sushumna, Ida & Pingala — three major Etheric (physical body) energy flows that rise from the Root Chakra (at the perineum), upward in the body to the Crown Chakra (at the top of the head).

When someone achieves clear, grounded, aligned, balanced energy within each of the 7 major Etheric Chakras, Kundalini Rising is the result.

 Sushumna Ida Pingala

In truth, Kundalini Rising rarely occurs when a person is evolving through and beyond a core trauma story.

Meet ‘Lisa’ – (a composite of many stories)

Lisa grew up with an alcoholic, verbally abusive father. Her earliest memories are of her father storming and raging, destroying furniture and belongings. The unwritten household rule — keep your treasures tucked away and your mouth shut.

As an adult, Lisa felt numb, disconnected and out of her body, particularly in moments of conflict and tension.

Disconnected & out of body
Disconnected & out of body

Through therapy, Lisa contextualized the impact of her childhood experience. She developed skills to engage life through in-the-moment awareness.

Over time, Lisa responded to an inner call to deepen her spiritual awareness.

While sitting in an extended meditation during a weekend retreat, Lisa suddenly flooded — with emotion, energy and physical sensation. Conscious thought was nearly impossible.

Lisa sat glued to her meditation cushion, sweating profusely, convulsing, crying, shaking, laughing, screaming and releasing vast amounts of emotion and energy.


Major Catharsis
Major Catharsis

Kundalini Rising?

Following the weekend, Lisa’s therapist referred her to my private practice to process the powerful spiritual experience that they jointly assumed was Kundalini Rising.

As Lisa described her experience, I clairvoyantly viewed the energy.  (In vastly simplified terms, any experience can be viewed clairvoyantly as if it is happening in real-time. The individual describing the experience activates the energy in effect at the time, and it can be easily and accurately read.)

Kundalini Rising? Not happening.

Hitting the Mother Lode? In a major way.

How do I Hit the Mother Lode?

You can’t force it. You’ll hit it when you’re ready.

Ready to evolve and grow beyond your story. You’ll have reached the awareness that the ‘Story Is’. It happened, yes. It was awful, yes. And you lived through.

And now? The ‘Story Is Not You. It’s not Who You Are, nor is it the lens through which you experience your life.

Your story moves from charged to neutrality. And you shift to a space and place where the story lacks the currency to power your perspective.

You let go

Of the pain, the trauma, the loss, the fear, rage, grief, sadness, victimization, depression, anxiety — whatever emotions were deeply associated to the story.

All three energetic body’s — mental, emotional and physical — unite in spiritual awareness, and it’s all systems go.

Your cells, your organs, your fascia give it all up and over.

Your emotions flood.

Your mind stills, (thankfully), so the work can proceed without jamming up the works.

It’s not a time to think, it’s a time to Be as you surrender into this life-changing emergence.

Re-forming. In-tegrating. Be-coming. Who You Are.

Grounded Awareness

Full emergence is achieved when you wholly embody your newfound consciousness. If ungrounded and not contained, the Mother Lode and awakening diminish.

Think about it: what good is awakening if it’s not actualized through your body, your experiences — your life?

Hanging out in the Cosmos is not the way to deepen your spirituality and own this powerful experience. Please come back to Earth.

Share your evolution. Speak to the grace and space of emergence and releasing the powerful grip of story.

Honor the profound shattering of The Mother Lode and your spiritual awakening through presence and conscious awareness.

And keep growing, meditating, communing and clearing. That Kundalini Rising may be waiting for you!


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