Conscious Creation: The Ability to Manifest

Can you manifest?

Have you ever set an intention or used an affirmation to help you achieve a goal or to create something new? Did it work? Sometimes it does work, and you manifest exactly what you want. We all love that!

What goes wrong when an intention doesn’t yield what you want?

Did you set the wrong intention? Is the Universe ignoring you? Is the message that you can’t have what you want? Did you do something wrong?

It’s none of these things. In fact, when an intention doesn’t materialize, it’s because something is misaligned. There’s a disconnect between your intention (what you’ve chosen to create) and your energy system (the ‘machine’ that manufactures your life, according to your conscious and unconscious specifications or programming).

Simply stated, your energy system is running a different program and hasn’t registered your new intention, nor received new programming to create what you desire.

What makes up the programming for an energy system?

Your emotional energy system is the sum of your thoughts, emotions, belief systems, your habituated patterns and behaviors, your blockages, your conscious and unconscious, positive and negative inner chatter.

If you:

  • tend toward positive thoughts and ideas
  • are conscious of and actively releasing negative self-talk
  • have unpacked, sorted and stowed your emotional baggage,

then you conceivably have an emotional energy system that aligns readily with your intentions.

Conversely, if you:

  • are hard on yourself
  • have unexamined or entrenched patterns that weaken your sense of well-being and esteem
  • listen to your inner chatter and secretly think that voice speaks truth,

then your ability to manifest might be impinged at least some of the time.

Your emotional energy system is an intimate partner for conscious creation — actualizing your intentions and ideas. If your energy system and your intentions are misaligned, you’ll unconsciously create through your energy system’s programming, no matter what you intend.

Manifestation is aligned intention, energy and action

When you consciously create and manifest, your body has the juice to bring form to your idea. Your thoughts, emotions and beliefs are aligned, and you back them up with appropriate and sustainable actions.

Aligned this way, your energy organically collaborates with the Earth and Cosmic field. This collaborative braid – you, the Earth and the Cosmos – generates the serendipitous magic that brings your idea to form.

We’re all connected to the infinite potentiality of the Cosmos and to the creative capacity of the Earth. These foundational relationships inform and actively respond to our conscious and unconscious awareness, helping us create our life and experiences.

Have you ever used the phrase ‘if the moon and the stars align’ when you’ve wanted something to happen? It’s true that the moon and stars are part of the Cosmic field, but getting them aligned remains out of your control!

Do the Inner Work to Align Your Energy with your Intentions

The more you unhook from and release unconscious behaviors and patterns, and quiet negative self-talk, the more seamless your inner alignment and your ability to flow from idea (intention) to form (manifestation).

Manifestation isn’t wishing or hoping. It’s harnessing intention, action and energy so the Earth and the Cosmos can do their part on your behalf.

There are specific chakras that make up your Energetic Manifestation System, as well as specific energy flows and active meditation practices that you can use to harmonize your energy, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and desires.

Invest in your own ability to manifest the life you intend to have. It’s worth the effort to be able to manifest meaningful work, loving relationships, creative resources, peace of mind, spiritual clarity, financial ease and anything else on which you set your intention.

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