Manifestation – It’s Not For Sissies

CK doesn’t mean that exactly.  But CK does mean that manifestation is both entirely simple and overwhelmingly complex.  Thus, not for sissies.

Simple: Intention + Attention + Energy = Manifestation

Intention + Attention + Energy
Intention + Attention + Energy

Simple.  You choose what you want to create (intention).  You put your focus on the desired creation (attention).  You take appropriate steps and actions (energy).  And the result?  Your desired creation (manifestation).  Simple.

Except for when it doesn’t work.  (overwhelmingly complex)

Here’s some ways that Manifestation derails and ideas for getting on track:

  • Lack of clarityIf you can’t be clear about what you want, you’re twiddling your manifestation thumbs.  And the Universe will twiddle right along with you.  Because it only acts on your behalf when your behind is in the game.  Journal, soul search, meditate, pray, consult your trusted allies and resources.  The intention that you set must feel right, grounded, aligned.  It doesn’t have to feel safe, comfortable or cushy.  Growing edges and bold moves are rarely smooshy, soft and smarmy.
  • Negative intent – a stepsister to Lack of clarity, negative intent is setting your focus (consciously or UNCONSCIOUSLY, ahem, ahem) on What You Don’t Want to Create.  ‘I don’t want to struggle to pay my bills each month’ or ‘I’m all done dating losers’ or ‘All I want is a job that doesn’t suck’ – yeah, negative intent.  And it’s what you’ll create.  You’ll find yourself: struggling to pay bills, dating losers, in a job that, well, sucks.  Focus on What You Don’t Want is the wrong move.  Turn 180 degrees and focus on What You DO Want.  Now that’s spot on!
  • Mixed signals – If you don’t want to date losers, don’t go out with one.   No losers except for on Friday night so I’m not alone is a mixed signal you’ll send yourself and the Universe.  Deal (heal) with your inability to be alone and operate through your intention for What You Do Want. 
  • Lack of attention – you want financial freedom to live life on your own terms.  Have you got your ducks in a row?  A budget, financial adviser, clear savings goals, debt reduction strategies?  And are you following the plan?  Shopping at the hot new boutique may not support you reaching financial freedom.  As my Dad used to say, ‘Keep your eye on the ball, Sweetie.’
  • Controlling for all variables – the objective is to take right steps, walk toward what you want to create.  Focus on the What and follow the How.  If you focus on the What, the variables (aka Hows) emerge.  If you focus on the How, you lose focus on the What.  Now, you’ll get somewhere, but perhaps not where you intended.  Learning this balance is an open-handed, open-hearted journey.  Choose the What, walk toward What You Want, surrender control of the How.

Rest assured – this is a practice. If you see your life as an unfolding journey, and the experiences you generate as conscious or unconscious manifestations of your intention, attention and energy, you’ll be forever curious and self-aware – and trust me, that ain’t no sissy!

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3 thoughts on “Manifestation – It’s Not For Sissies”

  1. I am just loving this series Jill! You have a wonderful ability to distill complex concepts down to their essence in such way that really sticks…and always with a laugh or two! Thank you!!

    • Thanks, Elle! I’m glad it’s been a useful series of articles – and that the ideas are sticking for you! As for the laughs – well, they’re important, too. I always look to see if I can crack myself up with something I write. If I can, it’s worth sharing!


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