Meet. Greet. Complete… Repeat.

Meet. Greet.  Complete…  Repeat.

A winning formula for personal evolution.

Meet the issue, person, emotion, physical pain, mental musing, spiritual crisis head on.  Straight up.

Greet the underlying story, the root cause analysis, the underbrush and move in to the work.  Yes, exactly.  Just do it.  And we’re not talking sneak-ers, here people.  No, you can’t sneak out from under, off to the side, skulk into the woods to get lost among the trees.  A meet and greet is just that – you meet it, and you greet it.  You get in relation to what you’ve met.

Complete.  You got it, you’re related, you’re relational, you’re practically cousins!  You’ve made sense of the issue, the person, the pain, the musing, the crisis, and you’re aligned with your inner self on the work.  Beautiful!  So to complete, you clear it.  You don’t wipe it out, throw it away, forget about it or sideline it.  You take the charge out of it, you defuse it, you unwind it, you neutralize the energetic spark, jolt or charge that it sets off in you.

Winning formula, right?

Recently a student from Energy Healing Institute called me.  She was in an internal uproar.

A malaise that she had previously experienced – fatigue, ennui, depletion, lackluster presence, minimal interest in eating (except sugar) – was back with a vengeance, and until its unwelcome return, she’d been flying high, doing life with incredible joie de vivre and vitality.

Initially her conversation revolved around the idea that perhaps she was fooling herself to think that her life was actually going to stay vibrant, that it had been fun while it lasted, but game over.  Sigh…

So CK strapped on her truth suit (think Spandex, a cape, a mask and a giant T for Truth on the chest) and flew to the scene of the grime.  Yes, grime.  It’s not a crime to recycle a theme or issue, but it’s definitely messy and dirty when you’re in the thick of it!

‘Not so,’ CK boomed.  ‘Not for you! This is a wilier version of the issue you’ve successfully met.  A different layer, a different voice, tone and tenor, but strip off the fancy pants and jacket, and you’re looking at the same issue.  Sometimes, it’s a bit of a changeling…’

Light dawns.  Amusement returns.  And the formula is clear.

Meet. Greet. Complete. (and clearly, Repeat).  And so she did.  And guess what?  She’s baaaaack!

Over the years, CK has participated in multiple shamanic ceremonies and listened to wise, indigenous elders speak about the spiral of life and the way core issues are met over and over again as the individual’s life progresses.

If you’re in a struggle with judgment, you’ll meet it again and again as your life revolves around the spiral.  Each time you come back to the judgment point on the spiral, you’ll learn to meet it in a new way.  You greet it, complete it.

In owning your stuff, you learn that you simply live your life, and perhaps you’ll need to do a Repeat on your issues, only in a new, more sophisticated, wily or seductive form.  It will cause you to look at things through a slightly different lens, understanding the variances in the theme, pattern or behavior.

Does anything ever truly go away?  Sure.  My attachment to chewing gum is long behind me.  (Believe me, it had nothing to do with gum, and everything to do with feeling connected and plugged in to myself.)

My attachment to rage is long gone.  I still have the capacity – everyone does.  I just don’t apply it.  When something makes me angry, I choose anger instead.

To move through and beyond these patterns, I had to Meet them.  Greet and understand the underlying root cause.  Get related.  Complete the process of releasing attachment, clearing the energy and then assimilate into a broader, clearer sense of self.

And how did it happen?  I attracted the scenarios and life brought them. Yes, it’s true.  We attract what we’re vibrating.  As the issues arose, I hit the ‘Repeat’ button.  Meet. Greet. Complete.

And, as Rainer Maria Rilke wrote in one of his famous letters to one of his students, I ‘lived my way into the answers.’

So have faith, have patience.  Throw away your damned Easy button.  Consciousness is not for sissies!  But definitely pick up your Repeat control so that you can bring it on and move it out.  Meet. Greet. Complete… Repeat.

Keep your energy flowing!

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