Meet. Greet. Complete.


The issue, person, emotion, physical pain, mental musing, spiritual crisis head on.  Straight up. Say hello. Invite it in. Even if it terrifies you.


Energy clearing skills from EHI
Meet. Greet. Even if it terrifies you!


The underlying story, the root cause analysis, the underbrush and move in to the work.

Yes, exactly.  Just do it.

A meet and greet is just that – you get in relation to what you’ve met.


You got it, you’re related, you’re relational, you’re practically cousins!

You’ve made sense of the issue, the person, the pain, the musing, the crisis, and you’re aligned with your inner self on the work.  Beautiful!

To complete it – clear it.

You don’t wipe it out, throw it away, forget about it or sideline it.

You take the charge out of it. Defuse it. Unravel it. Neutralize the energetic spark, jolt or charge that it sets off in you. [EHI teaches energy clearing practices…just in case you’d like to learn!]

Energy clearing skills from EHI
Unravel the pattern. Clear the energy.

Then Repeat

If the issues cycles around again, Meet. Greet. Complete.

If it’s a long-standing pattern, it may take a bit of effort to let it go. If it’s a familial or cultural program, it may take some unwinding to find your way into your own field of awareness. Keep at it! Move through. Beyond.

Meet. Greet. Complete. Repeat.

A winning formula for personal evolution

Recently a student from Energy Healing Institute got in touch.

She was in an internal uproar. A malaise that she had thought was behind her – fatigue, ennui, depletion, depression – was back with a vengeance.

She’d previously been flying high, doing life with incredible joie de vivre and vitality.

She told me that she had been in ‘remission’ from the depression. Clearly its return was because it was a hard and fast part of her reality. She had a defeatist, ‘it was fun while it lasted’ view of herself and this experience.

Scene of the Grime

I strapped on my Truth Suit (think Spandex, a cape, a mask and a giant T for Truth on the chest) and flew to the scene of the grime.  Yes, grime.

It’s not a crime to recycle a theme or issue, but it’s definitely messy and dirty when you’re in the thick of it!

‘Not so,’ said I.  ‘This is a wilier version of the issue you’ve successfully met.  A different scenario and voice. A different tone and tenor. It’s not permanent; it’s another layer of the issue.’

Spiraling back through - and down the drain!
Spiraling back through – and down the drain!


Light dawns.  Amusement returns.  And the formula is clear.

Meet. Greet. Complete. (and clearly, Repeat).  And so she did.

And guess what?  She’s baaaaack!

Nuanced Healing

Owning your stuff and committing to your evolution, helps you discover entrenched patterns that emerge in wily and seductive forms.

Allowing the nuance of these patterns to become clear, helps you move through and beyond them, evolving, Be-ing Who You Are.

Throw Away Your Easy Button

Have faith. Patience.

Throw away your Easy Button. It’s not really one of your evolution staples!

Meet. Greet. Complete… Repeat.

Keep your vital energy flowing!

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