Petulant Pain-body

Pain-body is Painful

Truly painful.

And petulant. Touchy. Techy. Fractious. Cranky.

One client recently made the connection between ignoring internal insights and the onset of sinus infections. Clears that up, right?

A colleague with a chronic injury clearly perceives the difference between true physical pain and pain-body responses. Before working to alleviate physical pain, he applies a simple energy clearing strategy to isolate and release the pain-body energies. True mind-body medicine!

Several practitioners observe that skin conditions exacerbate when they hold responsibility for their clients journey and healing experience.

Everyone’s got a little pain-body in them, I imagine. And there are times in life when the pain-body is nearly always activated.

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Grief and the Pain-body

During a recent period of grieving, Chakra Khan contracted a cold, becoming quite bronchial. That’s CK’s pain-body space that resonates with grief. The cold and bronchial illness vibrated along with the emotions.

The pace of life slowed. Rest, restoration – eating chicken soup, feeling deep emotions. Inviting the emotions to move through and beyond and the physical body to coalesce and align.

Pain-body can be a gracious participant in these instances.

Not-So-Merry-go-Round Pain-body

However, when the pain-body is routinely activating and siphoning energy out of the emotional field and into the physical body, that’s a dilemma. It’s a Not-so-merry-go-round that can tend to escalate and become chronic pain, injury or illness.

The examples listed above show how the Pain-body is deflecting emotional pain and impacting the physical body needlessly.

That’s a pain-body on overdrive. And a lovely person who is out of relation to the full extent of their emotions. And physically encumbered.

Energy and Illness

Auto-immune, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and similar ‘syndromes’ have roots in the pain-body/emotional field compromise. It’s an energy thing.

In spite of what the docs may tell you – pills won’t resolve the energy issues and free up your pain-body. They’re treating symptoms.

But You, You, You Can Treat Root Cause!

Ouch! My Pain-body is Killing Me! Again. Still.
Ouch! My Pain-body is Killing Me! Again. Still.

Ouch! My Pain-body is Killing Me!

One of four free Chakra Sanity gift that Chakra Khan offers.

This Chakra Sanity illustrates Chakra setting strategies to retrain the emotional body to meet, greet and complete the emotional energies that live within its purview.

Leaving your body to do its noble job – cart you around, have experiences, do all the metabolic stuff – you know, be a Body!

Healers – Please Don’t Use Your Pain-body to Diagnose

Practitioners – if you’re tapping into your patients physical pain, you might want to read the information Chakra Khan shares in Ouch! My Pain-body is Killing Me!, too.

Your emotional body is siphoning in your patients energy and information and transferring it to your pain-body.

So you’re feeling stuff that belongs to someone else. And bottom line? That’s never a good thing! For you. Or your patient.

In Ouch! My Pain-body is Killing Me! you’ll learn which Chakras are set inappropriately. You’ll learn to dial down certain Chakras and open up others. You’ll be resetting your energy field to do its work more effectively.

Phew! De-cranked Pain-body

Imagine yourself with out your pain-body leading you or bearing the burden of your emotional life.  Ahhhh…

Understand and know that you can more easily resolve, move on and through your healing journey if your emotions live where they belong. Relief!

With your body doing its part – keeping your feet on the ground, anchoring your space and conscious awareness. Solid, man. Solid.

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