Serendipitous Manifestation

Four months ago, CK developed a pain in her left shoulder that eventually led to a frozen shoulder.  There’s lots and lots to talk about here with the mind-body connection, but at the moment, the focus is on Serendipitous Manifestation, so hang on to the mind-body concepts for a later post – like next week’s, perhaps.

Anyway, after plunging out her psyche to uncover emotional issues frozen in her body, CK added lots of acupuncture, energy clearing, healing and medicine.  She adjusted her workouts with her trainer, ensuring that the arm was used, but not strained.  Progress ensued, thawing, space and mobility steadily emerging.  All along the way, the emotions at the forefront of CK’s ‘work-in-progress awareness’ received appropriate care and feeding, attention, release, intention.

Without doing any sort of deep dive into the emotional issue at hand, suffice it to say, another round of Mom-work is taking place.  There’s healing work in the shoulder is all about the frozen, stuck energy that’s locked down the muscles and excited the nerves.  CK is working in the here and now so her shoulder can release what’s held from there and then.

All well and good.  And clearly another freakin’ growth opportunity.  (AFGO for short.)

OK, moving on.  Last Sunday, CK sat at her altar, did her clearing with the intention to work cohesively and coherently to release remaining energies – body, mind and spirit – that were related to the current circumstances with her mother.

Then last Monday CK’s heads to her Pilates lesson with her trainer.  And in the midst of Tree (one of CK’s least enjoyed exercises), her foot falls out of the strap that holds her in balance as she leans backwards off of the Reformer, 3’ off the ground.  You guessed it – CK’s foot lets go, and then so does she.  Over.  Backwards.  Landing on her left arm.  Yes, left.  The owie one.

Ow it did.  It Owwed almost out loud.  Yet after the kerfuffle was behind her, CK realized:

  • She’s largely unhurt (in spite of the Owie)
  • Her landing was damn graceful
  • Tree continues to be one of her least favorite exercises for entirely new reasons!

The Pilates lesson behind her, arnica soothed on the left arm, magnets applied to places of tension, another round of clearing, on to the day.

Now, here’s the thing.  On Tuesday, when CK woke up – her arm was at least 80% improved from the day before.  Yes, the energy clearing was important, and all of the work that preceded the Pilates Plummet was viable, important, necessary.

This is phenomenally important information, folks.  Because these Serendipitous Manifestations happen all the time.  Yes, to CK, but also to you.

The Pilates Plummet was the Coup de Grace – the big enchilada – the brass ring.  And who knew that I simply had to do a backflip off a Reformer to get a big chunk of my healing done?  It’s damn good to know, really.  In the future, why whenever I’m stuck on anything, I’m just gonna flip myself off the nearest Pilates machine and BANG!  All’s well.

But seriously, if you look back over your life, can you find and collect those Serendipitous Manifestation moments?  Sometimes they’re significant – in a Pilates Plummet, hard-to-miss kind of way.  Other times, they’re small, nearly inconsequential events that have incredible significance when you look back on them.

If you haven’t done this exploration, consider the idea.  Here’s why.

If you notice, validate, own, acknowledge, cherish the Serendipitous Manifestation moments of your life, you’re likely to get more of them.  It’s a vibration thing.  When you’re living in gratitude for the Serendipitous action of the Universe as it collaborates with you to manifest your intent, you vibrate at that frequency of awareness.  And let me tell you, that’s a good thing.

If you do have a conscious collection of these Moments – on paper, in the cloud or in your mind and heart, say hello to them.  Validate them, express your gratitude (again).  See them as the beautiful partnering moments that they are.  You stumbled forward (or backward) and the Universe moved during your freefall.  Lovely stuff indeed.

And know that the Universe responds to intention, especially when backed with concrete action, focused attention and the clarity to observe, process and release what emerges during the journey to your manifest desire.

Happy Serendipitous 2013 and keep your vital energy flowing!

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