Stuck Sux

It sucks when you’re stuck.  And we’ve all been there.

Bogged down. Effort & Pushing. Ennui & Passivity. Doesn’t matter. Stuck.

Yet all of us have gotten unstuck. Moving. In flow. Praise be!

What’s the formula for going from stuck to flow?

Releasing attachment.

Hanging a tapestry with industrial strength velcro was a simple task. Four strips of velcro were attached to the back of the tapestry. Both the grippy & fuzzy side of the velcro remained connected together.  Then the sticky velcro backing was stuck to the concrete wall. Presto. Now that’s a great stuck!

And that tapestry will remain attached and righteously stuck until it’s time to move. Then the attachment will need to be broken.


Because for the tapestry to move, it must be released from its attachment. No other way it’s going to happen. Great metaphor, right?

Running Energy - CK  commissioned this piece from a brilliant artist and energy aficionado, Rita Hannafin.
Running Energy – CK commissioned this piece from a brilliant artist and energy aficionado, Rita Hannafin.

Stuck? Don’t worry about why. It doesn’t matter. Instead, let go of your attachment. (click to tweet)

Releasing your attachment, the tapestry of your life moves.

Have some fun. Create a mental image of how you’re stuck.

If you ‘feel chained to your job’, create a metaphor that matches your feeling – perhaps an image of you with a tracking monitor on your ankle, sitting at your computer.

Then, in your mind’s eye, pick up a key, unlock the ankle monitor, walk out the door.

Do you ruminate about potential worries that aren’t actually happening? Picture yourself in a Bounce House, jumping around on plastic balls with worries written on them.

Then see yourself walking out.

Focusing on stuck breeds stuck. Creatively, intentionally releasing your attachment (which keeps you stuck) moves you out and beyond.

It’s a practice, of course. Not an event.

Stuck? Whatever!

Attached? Definitely.

Fixable? Absolutely.

Here’s to the brilliant design that is Velcro, and its model of unstuck-ability.

And here’s to liberation, flow, your mind’s eye and your creative intent.

Keep your vital energy flowing!

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2 thoughts on “Stuck Sux”

  1. Holey Moley that’ an awesome metaphor. The releasing and visualization are so powerful too. It can feel silly but it actually creates the space for us to wiggle loose from the grips of our stuckness. Love it!

    • Hi Alli, Holey Moley – I am so glad you liked the example. It came to me after I hung the tapestry in my condo. I had been dreading the project because I thought it was going to be difficult. I put it off for 2+ weeks. And then I realized that I needed to move forward and get it done. And then the metaphor clicked and the blog post was written in about 15 minutes.

      Anyway, space is usually what’s needed to get out of the grips of stuckness, so glad you had that experience and could feel the impact on your energy. Thanks for sharing your experience, Alli!


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