HSPs & Empaths - superpower or life sentence?

HSP’s & Empaths – a superpower or a life sentence?

I’m a firm believer that HSPs/Empaths, (highly sensitive persons) are products of traumatic experiences in their early lives. In 30 years, I’ve never met one who didn’t have the difficult childhood story that framed the HSP patterns. If sovereignty is absolute, and thankfully, it is, no one needs to be defined by their story. Energy healing is a story changer!

Can Someone have Bad Energy?

Can someone have bad energy?

When we talk about someone having ‘bad energy’, we miss the entire point of owning our choices, and understanding resonance, perspective and preference. Bad energy is a New Age fallacy and can generate lazy thinking and inappropriate judgments of others.


What is Your Vibration?

Have you ever wondered about all of those memes you see on social media telling you that it’s important to raise your vibration? Ever wondered how exactly you do that?

Swamp, Desert, Forest, Field – Finding a Healer

In the energy world, travelers may find themselves navigating varying terrain in the journey and quest to choose an appropriate practitioner for support and efficacious healing. Yes, this is part of the ongoing BYOH [Be Your Own Healer] series! Yes, CK’s still advocating BYOH – the more the better! Yet not every skill and resource … Read more