Why Energy Boundaries Support You

A Lack of Energy Boundaries

Years ago, a depleted, worn-out therapist came to me for help. She once had a thriving practice, seeing between 25 and 30 clients a week. She’d had a healthy waiting list, didn’t need to accept insurance to generate her income. A therapist’s dream! She shared her suspicion that she had a problem with energy boundaries.

When she began her work with me, her waiting list was gone, she was only seeing 5-6 clients a week. She described herself as burnt out, exhausted. She was losing patience with her clients and their endless struggles. Her professional boundaries were spot on, I checked. Her energy boundaries were sparse, barely in place. Thus, she was swamped with other people’s emotional energy, and out of touch with her own.

What a privilege to be able to share a protocol for energy boundaries with this talented practitioner. She took to the protocol right away, and rapidly noticed a difference in her vitality and emotional availability.

We did some energy clearing work together to release the backlog of emotional energy accumulated in her field through years of engaging with clients and others without appropriate energy boundaries. She rebuilt her practice, and her income.

Energy Boundaries Support Everyone

Truth is, many people have similar problems with missing or inappropriate energy boundaries. They may not be practitioners; their flooded, depleted awareness comes from other life experiences, their work, friends, family, social life. They’re living their lives without energy boundaries.

The energy body is a fascinating thing. You already know that nothing (no thing) exists without energy as its formative substance. Energy precedes physicality. That’s true of rocks, books, animals, and people.

Energy Emanates

Everything and everyone emanates energy.

You source energy to do your life. You expend energy doing your life.

Energy is perpetually in motion. Sourcing, Expending, Connecting, Engaging.

Vibrations Attract and Repel

We attract (and repel) one another through our personal vibration. Our personal vibration is a tone, or quality that invites people within a similar range to us. Those attracted may vibrate at a somewhat higher or lower vibrational tone or quality. Each of us emanates different tones or qualities depending on a variety of factors including mood, environment, level of consciousness (woke-ness), experience, behavioral patterns, belief systems. We’re a smorgasbord, really.

It’s easy to merge emotional energy with others who vibrate within our range. If you and I merge, I’m a little less Me, and you’re a little less You. Once we go our separate ways, our merged energy stays entangled.

Bringing it Home to You

Now, overlay these ideas onto life as you know it.

You’re in the world, doing what you do, sourcing and expending energy, attracting people to you who are similar vibrationally, perhaps based on mood or behavioral patterns, woke-ness or not woke-ness. At least some of the time, and perhaps a lot of the time, merging energies with others is occurring.

Let me ask you:

If you’re in a bad mood, do you want to merge with other people in bad moods? No? Why not?

How about if you’re sad? Overwhelmed? Angry? Right. Not so much.

Let me ask you something else:

If you’re in a happy mood, do you want to merge with other people in happy moods?

How about if you’re optimistic? Creative? Expansive? Are you thinking a merge would be lovely?

Think again. Even merging with happy, optimistic, creative, expansive people makes me a little less Me and you a little less You.

Energy Boundaries Inhibit Merging

You see where I’m going. Straight to energy boundaries.

Whatever your mood, whatever the moment, Be You.







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